Elon Musk Just Volunteered As Dogecoin CEO

elon musk dogecoin ceo
Elon Musk Just Volunteered As Dogecoin CEO

In an interview, Elon Musk teased that Dogecoin could potentially hit a billion a person community. That would mean we would have approximately one seventh of the entire global population.

More than 10 percent of people in the entire United States own Dogecoin. He just teased the idea that it could potentially happen, and that is where he sees the highest upside of Dogecoin going.

Elon Musk has become the official unofficial CEO of Dogecoin

On Twitter Billy Markus says,

okay, i ate a taco and have made my decision on who will be the next fake ceo of dogecoin. announcement will be at 4:00 pm pacific (~ 3 hours from now)
Elon Musk responded to that, he says “me” he’s volunteering enthusiastically to become the next official unofficial CEO of Dogecoin. Here’s now the official unofficial CEO of Dogecoin, the new fixie of Dogecoin, the one who has embodied Dogecoin since before it was even in existence. They are the most qualified for the position. It is unquestionable. The good is DOGE of all the face of the coin, who has inspired a millions do only good every day.
Nomination for new fake chairman of the board is none other than @elonmusk – I believe he knows a little something about money, leadership, and memes Elon’s adorable wunderkind puppy Floki will be nominated fake President, receiving D.O.G.E. mentorship alongside Kabosu. Billy markus says.
But this is not just all fun and games. But we’re also talking about the most influential person currently in the business world by far and Elon Musk not only enjoying Dogecoin, having fun with it, but taking his enjoyment of that to the next level.
There’s no question that the big things he has planned are not just what he’s told us. He has other things that are under the surface that he is planning for DOGE. That will definitely change the game.
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