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Elon Musk asks if Twitter adheres to free speech

Elon Musk just put out a massive Dogecoin tweet confirming that he would put a Dogecoin tipping feature on the platform if he either decides to buy Twitter or make his own social media platform.

And the fact that he is willing to put a Dogecoin tipping feature on it’s willing to confirm that on Twitter ahead of time just continues to show the Elon Musk is very much on the Dogecoin train. He is of course very loyal to Dogecoin.

Basically, it all started when Elon Musk decided to put out a tweet asking if Twitter rigorously adheres.

Until 9 pm on Friday, his post had garnered 11,64,414 votes. More than 70% of the people had said “No” and only a little over 30% of people chose yes.

That was his quote to the principles of free speech. And Elon Musk specifically cited that that is important. Having one of the main platforms for public discord be somewhere where you can have free speech in order to have a functioning democracy. Also on top of that, we’ve seen a bunch of people all over the Internets reacting massively to this many positive tweets, many offers to collaborate from famous people.

Elon Musk has a net worth of over $260 billion

This is really a massive deal because right now Elon Musk has a net worth of over $260 billion, easily giving him enough power to not only potentially buy Twitter, but he could also just go straight ahead and start his own platform instead. Twitter right now is worth approximately $30 billion.

If he did decide to buy Twitter, basically what he would have to do is buy it from the current shareholders, which is a number of large companies. Those large companies obviously would most likely be willing to sell those shares for price. That was worth more than what those shares were actually said to be worth.

Musk has the ability to pay more for them. He could pay a premium in order to get them, whereas otherwise they may not be willing to sell. And all he would need is 50% of the shares in order to take control over Twitter and add the Dogecoin features on it. This is really a truly massive thing and if you are, Musk can pull it off, which he seems to be suggesting he wants to do. Then it’s going to change the landscape of social media forever.

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