dogex nft minted out

DogeX  NFT’s has now officially completely minted out, which means if you own one that you are in the club and everyone who does not own one is now going to want to own one. This is where the real fun starts as we continue to keep up the fun on social media and let everyone know what they’re missing out on by not having a DOGE.

A lot of cool things will happen

You’re going to miss out on everything along the way by not owning the DogeX NFT’s. So that is where the real value in the real domain is going to start to come in. And if we can see a skyrocketing effect where everyone wants to buy one before the price goes up, which is what we’re expecting. Especially as Dogecoin starts to spike again.

There are no guarantees we can get to that level, but we do want to definitely strive for some really big major goals here as we continue to develop this and put in all of the hard work to make DogeX awesome as it can be from here, moving now to as we have been all along the way.

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