Hey Doge People!! Just Smile and Enjoy Your Life, Dogecoin Will Be OK

dogecoin will be ok
Smile and enjoy your life..

I love Dogecoin. I am a believer. I own Dogecoin. I think that this is going to continue to be one of the leading community meme coins out there. I think that we’re in this proverbial boat for a while. Without any major movement catalysts specifically related to Dogecoin, we will continue to trade sideways. We are in a flat trading pattern right now. And it could be buying opportunities.

The funny tweet from Elon Musk

So this is Elon tweeted this on July 2nd and I’m sorry. This is funny. When I opened this up, this made me laugh. It’s a picture about a guy and some girls. He’s got the girls doing their thing. He’s looking at his computer and he’s looking at Dogecoin going up. This is funny.

Here’s why I made this video, because it reminded me of the fact that you have to smile in life and you have to have a good time and you have to enjoy the things you love, enjoy your family, enjoy your friends and your pet.

Hey Doge people, it’s going to be OK

That here’s what I think about Elon. Elon embraces life. He has a good time. Do living his life. He’s a billionaire and all those kind of things. But it’s not about money, He has a great sense of humor and just the fact that he threw this up. And it’s just funny and it’s also a little nice little nudge to say, Hey, Dogecoin people, you know, it’s going to be OK. I think that’s kind of what it is, too.

You have to laugh sometimes and you have to laugh at life and you have to kind of laugh at every situation around you, and also you have to know that things will get better. Dogecoin will go back up. It will continue to rise. It will get it, it will start again.

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