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dogecoin whales
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Everyone upshot here in this video, we’re going to take a look at the Dogecoin whales and whether they’re selling like Elon asked. What I’m going to take a look at are the Dogecoin whales.

So back in February, Elon had actually tweeted out that excessive concentration is bad for Dogecoin which he would in fact pay actual cash to the big whales for their dogecoin if they would offer. Are they offering? Well, let’s have a look and provide an upgrade, since specifically with the current cost of Dogecoin as it’s been going up, we can see what’s happening.

So let’s have a look. So this is the current trading of Dogecoin, six point eight cents on April 8th. But I want to concentrate on this video back on April 6th and into April 7th in this trading up here at the top, since there was some selling happening with some of the whales and others who swing trading also, Dogecoin.

However I’m going to focus on this. Therefore what we have is the top one hundred wealthiest Dogecoin wallet. This is on And I’ll have a link to this in the description below if you want to go look at this yourself. I have actually talked about this prior to, but I’m back talking about it again.

Now, this number one wallet is five wallet. We believe that this is the Robin Hood crypto wallet and there are Reddit threads about this. And you can search on that and do your own examination if you wish to.

But we’re all quite convinced that that’s the Robin Hood crypto wallet because it truly does line up now looking at a few of these other wallets. So there’s some very interesting things will concentrate on this number for wallet here, this GCU wallet.

Once again, some of the financial institutions believe this is the financing hot wallet, but whether it’s a finance hot wallet or not, they’re doing a lot of buying and selling of dogecoin and making some earnings. So I’ll show you that as well.

What I want to start with, though, is this number six wallet, the DHBs wallet, this wallet here, we believe is the one that Elon Musk utilized to buy Dogecoin for little X, and there it is. So there’s one point 9 billion dollars entering this wallet right now. And it’s added worth of about one hundred and sixty million dollars. And this was the purchases that were made.

Now, again, if this was Elon, you know, he bought on February 8th, which aligns with the tweets that he made and he bought it seven point nine cents. So he bought up high. He most likely thought the Dogecoin is going to keep going up at that point, but it came down.

So what did he do? He purchased some more on February 18th down here at five point 7. And I made a little Dogecoin chart about this, you understand, sort of looking at the average. So we’ll just take a look at the leading right here. This is that oil wallet. We think it’s Ilan’s for little X. And I wanted to see what the average was.

And I did a video about balancing down when I made this little spreadsheet here. Therefore, you know, Elon went from 7 point 9. And then when he purchased all this at point five 7, he wound up at point 069. So six point 9 cents is now Ilan’s average for, you know, this big one point nine billion Dogecoin holding. That’s very intriguing.

So, you know, so he desires a well, I think you might say, you know, with two billion dogecoin here. So that belongs to the concentration. So you type of did OK, however against his own tweet a little bit. But, you understand, I suggest, he could have bought a 529 represent his son or could have done some other investing, however he bought Dogecoin instead.

So there it is. Let’s go to this DCU wallet. So this wallet is really fascinating in that. If this is a financing hot wallet, I do not understand, it’s hard to state, I mean, why would there be all this trading, especially at a profit? So what I’m going to focus right here is this set of reds right here. And these are sales.

And this is all on April sixth, up through April 7th. This this one here at the end. And you can see on the chart here that the sales were at six one 6 two six three six five. And it’s, you know, 60 million, 60 million, 70 million, 80 million, 80 million, eight million, eight million. And it is just continuous selling.

Now, if you look prior to there was buying and selling going on, you know, here’s 7, 7 million, seven million offered, 19 by 19 sold. And after that there was this big purchase, about 440 million, you know, a point zero 6 one.

However then this substantial selling is the costs up. So I made a little spreadsheet of that too. And after that the spreadsheet, I took all of those sales from April 6th and into the early morning of April 7th. And from what I might collect, what the buy in cost was from point zero five 7 to point zero 6 one. And here’s the list price.

They made on April 6th and into the early morning of April 7th, three point seven billion dollars of revenue, that’s simply profit right there. Now, this is the kind of thing, you understand, all of the selling of these, you understand, millions of Dogecoin that keep the rate down.

So here’s, you understand, these big green candles showing up and then they’re offering going on which’s selling, brings it down, came back up. But then you see these red candle lights pushing back down because that’s the selling.

We’ll go to another wall. This is the dequeue a wallet. Now, some think that this wallet is a Robin Hood hat wallet, however the trading, again, I don’t understand, it looks like, you know, here is on the sixth. Right.

Why would they offer one hundred and forty seven million Dogecoin out of this wallet at that point? Zero 6 one. I do not understand that. Here’s the 5 wallet now this DETI five wallet is one that was fairly recent.

I imply, they did some purchasing and selling back here. And this was the tick tock trend in July of twenty twenty. However then, you know, in January and in February, lot of dogecoin up to five hundred million coins.

And here’s the selling on April sixth and here’s, you know, million dollar coin at a time in point sixty five point 6 four 4 4 point zero six 6. So this was a sale of one, two, 3, 4 or five 6 million dollar coin at all happened that night.

So this selling is the concentration that Elon is discussing partly. But it’s not just however it’s not just selling, then they redeem in and sell and buy and sell. So this is a scalper that’s going on here, but they took some big profits the night of the 6th. Here’s a DC 7 wallet now, the DC 7 wallet has been doing some selling, know what? They were up over 800 million coins, you understand, in early February.

And ever since, their overall balance has actually boiled down to 2 hundred million. So they’re eliminating some, however they’re likewise buying as well. So it’s not all sales sale. And and by so here on the 6th, they in fact purchased some nine million Dogecoin at point zero six and after that sold at point zero 6 one, but then as the price is increasing, there are some more sales at six thirty seven point 6 million point zero 6 for 7 point seven million, another one.

So no huge numbers of sales and then they start buying back in. So this isn’t a huge well wallet that’s simply selling. They’re doing some buying and selling and they’re generating income. Here’s another one, TFC.

Now, this one is, you know, once again, in January and February, a lot of purchasing turned up almost 900 million. And now they’re down to like, what, four hundred and seventy million doge. They have a balance today of twenty 8 million dollars at the present rate for Dogecoin.

They have been offering, they have actually not been buying, their last purchase was back on February twenty first, however they’re offering is at choose times. Here we are on April sixth, up at point zero 6 four, they offered seven point seven million Dogecoin.

Now I get it. They’re generating income. I mean, simply in between these 2 sales right here on the sixth at 6 one and after that point 6 for that’s half a million dollars. So they’re making some profits as they’re offering. Yeah. This one, I would say, is probably doing what Elon had actually asked. And they’re gradually selling their dogecoin, but they’re making money along the way to.

So we’re going to talk more about this in the whales, as well as the pricing of Dogecoin and take a look at the charts and we’ll also be exploring some of the other cryptocurrency coins in Benefit survive on Friday night.

So please sign up with seven o’clock Eastern Time Outcome live where it’s going to be me and the charts. And we’re going to be looking at, you understand, what’s happening throughout different coins. So in the chat, you can just inform me the coins you want me to take a look at and I’ll try and keep up.

You know, it’s going to be fast. I understand. And what I’m taking a look at coins. I’m not going to have the ability to follow the chart, you know, as it’s going. But I’ll get to as many as I can, so that’ll be enjoyable. Also, just want to give an update on Dischord server.

We’ve got a lot of new members coming in, which is excellent. We talk mostly about Dogecoin, however we likewise talk about some other coins too. Once again, I talk about diversifying, however I haven’t sold all my dosh coins, so don’t fret about that.

Provide us video like these, some remarks below. What do you consider concentration in whale wallets and what’s happening with the Dogecoin price? I want to hear what you believe. Likewise, if you have not signed up for the Result channel currently, please do value the support. We’ll see you next time.

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