Dogecoin Go For 90% Upside!! Should I Buy Or Wait??

dogecoin upside
Tesla : Dogecoin.. here I come..

Dogecoin is consolidating at roughly 50 cents. Volume has absolutely plummeted, going from in hourly volume of one million to sometimes like ten million. So far, Dogecoin right now is chilling at a pretty good spot.

Dogecoin could easily be hitting a dollar

Analysts say Dogecoin could easily be hitting a dollar and go for a 90 percent upside, which is going to be pretty big. The volume is extremely low compared to before when the volume was consistently at one to five million, virtually 24-hours a day, almost 24/7, almost every day.

The chances are most likely would not be going down, especially recently, until Elon tweets something super crazy. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has been looking for a new cryptocurrency, Tesla isn’t using Bitcoin anymore. Tesla put out a poll saying, do you guys want to accept Dogecoin? And almost 80 percent of people said yes.

A piece of land in Rhode Island sold for roughly a hundred and fifty thousand Dogecoins. It was a fifty thousand dollar USD transaction. This is pretty big because this piece of land is very, very important. This is the first real estate transaction ever used. Dogecoin isn’t the most stable coin out there compared to like Cardano, which is a lot more stable than Doge.

Dogecoin started  as a meme joke, now it’s a reality

It’s pretty impressive, says Cuban. The meme coin Dogecoin initially started off as a meme. But now it’s a reality. You can use Dogecoin on several online stores around the world. And right now, Dogecoin is getting a lot of hype. Dogecoin has the backing of billionaires like Elon Musk and Mark Cuban.

Also, check out the biggest Dogecoin wallet in the world. These guys have not sold a dogecoin, but they’re still buying a little bit of Dogecoin just to show people that they’re pretty active. And so far, they have received a lot of Dogecoin and only sold a little bit Dogecoin. And they’re still holding on to roughly 28 percent of the Dogecoin supply. And they’re not selling at all.

I really do feel like Doge was one of the few all points out there that have a ton of potential. I feel like we really do need a massive catalyst. If we actually see Dogecoin price going all the way to 65 cents or even 70 cents, you will be having a lot of renewed interest. I think most investors feel Dogecoin is worth at the very least fifty cents a token.

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