Omg! The Best Dogecoin Trend Analysis Ever!

dogecoin trend analysis

Everyone upshot here in this video, we’re going to have a look at Dogecoin trend analysis and its present trading last night was extremely amazing as Dogecoin went up to 6 point 6 cents, dropped a bit and came back up, which was very good to see that buying pressure.

However it dropped overnight. And I’ll show you are the dogecoin chart and talk about what occurred there. Also, simply wished to upgrade you on diversity. I made video yesterday about old coins.

And, you understand, I’m invested in other cryptocurrency also and simply wanted to let you know what I was purchasing which I believed and still think it’s an excellent concept to diversify. Many of you are just into Dogecoin, which is great, just letting you know what I’m doing.

So likewise, you know, last night I might have made this video with all this cheerleading and about Dogecoin and see what it’s doing. But you understand me, I’m a bit more sensible and I type of idea that it would sort of kick back down.

I believe that’s really great for the cryptocurrency to come pull back and not resemble all buzz to the moon, because it’s going to drop significantly. As we’ve seen with Elon Musk tweets in the past, we do not want to be setting lower lows. We want to be setting greater lows. And the upward pattern, which I’m going to reveal you on the charts once again.

So that’s my take on where we are now. Let’s go take a look at the dogecoin charts. So here’s the existing trading of dogecoin, right at 6 cents. This is right prior to 10:00 Eastern Standard Time in the United States. And I was talking recently about this upward pattern that Dogecoin has actually been experiencing. And this is in a one hour chart.

So we can return and take a look at a number of days and with no tweets or anything, Dogecoin was going up perfectly. These blue lines represent sort of the channel that I saw Dogecoin trading in really more like five seventy approximately 5 ninety 5. And that was the channel that it was selling before.

And we saw that channel here returning to the second of April, although it dipped below once again, that dip was brought on by Bitcoin dipping. And what we see this morning was another Bitcoin dip and I’ll get into that in a minute. But here was that big spike yesterday early morning came near six point six and after that dropped back down and it looked like it was going to head back down into the trough.

However rather, there was good buying pressure and that buying pressure brought it back up as much as six point 7 cents. So over night, though, what we saw was bitcoin pulling away. And so here’s the Bitcoin chart also in the one hour. And now Bitcoin didn’t have that terrific increase that Dogecoin experienced. Bitcoin was actually on this sag.

And after that here’s the big dip this morning. Therefore Bitcoin dropped all the way to fifty six thousand and really struck like fifty five seven as it’s low. And it’s now returning up. Here’s the channel for Bitcoin between fifty seven thousand and fifty 9 five. It’s not even back up into that channel yet where Dogecoin is up above the channel now at 6 two.

So let me zoom in a little closer to Dogecoin and let’s have a look at the 15 minute chart and you’ll see where Dogecoin is now trading. And it looks like it’s an extension of this upward pattern. These gold mines are that upward pattern that I saw from a couple of days ago. So it appears like it’s trading back in that upward trend.

I’ve even drawn this new blue line at six cents, so I wish to see that be the brand-new assistance. We’ll see maybe five, 9, five. The previous resistance line will end up being that assistance. We’ll see if it continues to dip back below six cents. But that upward pattern was very promising. And this trading last night, well above, which is excellent, actually kept it from dropping lower.

I suggest, we could have seen those going down to 5, 6, similar to Bitcoin was at fifty 6 thousand. However instead, because of the buying pressure last night when it dipped this morning, the dip just decreased to like 5 seven one five seven to the lowest. It now is back over 6 cents.

So that’s very promising for Dogecoin. And we go back to the one hour and we simply want to take a glimpse at some of the other coins. Like Bitcoin, Litecoin experienced an increase too, like Dogecoin did. And now I see Bitcoin developing a new channel higher.

So what was the previous resistance at 2 sixteen now? Looks like that’s going to be the support for Bitcoin. The theory I’m, on the other hand, is more like Bitcoin. So this was the channel that I saw Ethereum trading in it get listed below that channel and now it’s struggling to get back into that channel between two thousand twenty one twenty.

So we’ll see the theory going forward for Dogecoin trend analysis, though, as it’s moving forward. Once again, I wish to see that success might be the new assistance line and continue this upward pattern. And with that upward trend, what we actually want to see are these higher lows.

So we see this higher low there on that was on the 5th of April which was at just listed below five seventy. And then another low was at 5 seventy five. Then here’s another low at five eighty. And now what we’re going to see after this huge after this big dip here, what we’re going to see is what the brand-new greater low is going to be and we’ll see as that goes forward.

So we’re going to be doing charting like this on up shot live on Friday. We’re going to have a look at where Dogecoin remains in more detail. Talk a lot about Dogecoin trend analysis and we’ll hit on some other coins, too. And I’ll be looking at the chat and looking at some coins that individuals are going to be recommending also.

So it’ll be enjoyable taking a look at the charts. But, you understand, here, this looks extremely appealing for Dogecoin trading forward. If we can if we can remain above that six mark today, it’s five nine eight a little bit listed below. Once again, that’s.

You’ll see it in this upward pattern now with Bitcoin attempting to get back up into its channel in between fifty 7 and fifty 9 5, as soon as Bitcoin gets up into that channel and begins an upward trend itself, then I would think Dogecoin would then continue an upward pattern also, now be well above that million time multiplier from Bitcoin. Which will be excellent to see.

So a great deal of that buying pressure, I think, is coming from this news about Coinbase in another week approximately, Coinbase is going to be doing its IPO and there’s a lot of speak about Dogecoin being contributed to the platform.

Now, if that coincides with the Coinbase IPO, that would be amazing. If it does not, that’s OKAY. We know the Dogecoin tabs are still working on getting the Rosetta API, you understand, onto Dogecoin.

So that can be traded on Coinbase. Don’t understand how long that’s in fact going to require to finalize and get it all set. Dogecoin on Coinbase, you understand, isn’t the end all, but there are a great deal of people that are still having problem buying Dogecoin in certain states. I see numerous remarks. We discuss it on my Dischord server, too, just what platforms to purchase Dogecoin on, and it should not be like that.

However Coinbase, being more widely accepted, will assist more individuals purchasing. And and overall, that’s what we desire. Yeah, there is a great deal of Turkish coins and a great deal of trading. However, you know, going forward, the more universal, the more individuals purchasing, the more accepted from sellers.

Dogecoin trend analysis is going to keep moving up in this upward pattern that I see is going to continue now. We’re going to make 7 cents in April. I think there’s a great chance of it. There’s a great, you know, course forward and from the charts looks really appealing. So that’s what I’m looking at.

And longer term, we’ll see how it goes again. You know, a lot more influencers are probably going to come on board as Dogecoin, you understand, settles up in the Sixth Sense area and probably up to seven. So that is constantly handy.

There’s constantly a lot of enjoyment about Dogecoin because of it. And we’re all having a good time, too, although, yes, it is our cash and it is an investment.

But Dogecoin is a lot more than that, particularly with this fantastic neighborhood. Leave a remark listed below. Let me understand what you think about this current upward pattern and what you see about pumps and dumps and where Dogecoin trend analysis may go from here.

Offer the video I like and subscribe to the Outcome channel. I value the support. We’ll see you next time.

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