Dogecoin To The Moon And The Elon Musk Effect

dogecoin to the moon elon musk
Spot on prediction!

Well, men, he’s done it once again after sending this tweet at six twenty five a.m. Eastern Time today, the dogecoin cost went on to surge by 35 percent, back up to seven cents for the very first time in a couple of months. It has considering that hung back down to under 6 cents.

However this is among the bigger spikes we’ve seen out of a tweet from Elon and was much valued after seeing Dogecoin stagnate around the five to 5 and a half cent mark for a while. Hey, everyone, and welcome back to Investing Assist. In today’s video, we’re going to be talking about Elon Musk sending out the dogecoin cost surging yet again and what, if anything, we can take away from the actual tweet.

All right. So I wish to set up the tweet again. This, naturally, coming on April Fool’s Day, which, in all fairness, it looks like most days are April Fool’s Day when it comes to Elon’s Twitter account. However regardless, here we are. Elon says that SpaceX is going to put a literal dogecoin on the actual moon. This, of course, a referral to the popular phrase dogecoin to the moon, which is basically just a rally for dogecoin to skyrocket in price.

At what rate is the moon is another concern. Many people will most likely tell you one dollar. We’ve even seen dogecoin to Mars too, since that’s when Ilan’s most significant objectives is to be able to colonize Mars. And we’ve even seen Musk come out and say that he believes cryptocurrency will be the future currency on Mars. And in particular, he sees Dogecoin as one of the coins that could excel.

While this would make sense due to the fact that there are no banks on Mars, we’re still certainly a ways far from something like this occurring. However, hi, some people believe that dogecoin to Mars may wind up taking place. So what does this mean for the real use of the coin? Essentially, it means absolutely nothing at all. This wasn’t Elon coming out and stating that you can utilize Dogecoin to buy Tesla’s or anything like that.

Simply another among his patented buzz tweets to rally the cost of Bitcoin a bit. I will state, though, that I was impressed by just how much the rate did spike by this morning. Over the past number of months, Ilan’s tweets haven’t really been moving the price of Dogecoin all that much. It appeared like the tweets were ending up being a bit thinned down. So it is extremely encouraging to see it increase the manner in which it did this early morning and that Elon can still move the coin that much with one single tweet moving on.

I would expect that we’re going to continue to see more tweets from Elon on Dogecoin. He seems to enjoy satisfying around with the coin. And I think he knows that the Dogecoin family enjoys them, too, because everybody wants to see Dogecoin go to the moon. And speaking of sending Dogecoin to the moon. I actually recently launched my own Dogecoin merch.

There’s a number of various styles and among them is really called Dogecoin to the moon. So if you might be interested in that, be sure to go check it out. I’ll leave the link to the shop down in the description of this video in the majority of my videos, I’ll ask the audiences a question. And today’s is, do you believe that dogecoin is going to the moon?

Let me know down in the comments. I’m anticipating see what you people have to say. Ought to be some quite amusing reactions. If you people are excited for Dogecoin, smash that thumbs up button and subscribe if you have yet to do so.

For the most recent Dogecoin news and any other concerns you may have. Leave those down in the comments and I’ll get to them as soon as possible. I’ll see you folks in the next one. And delighted investing.

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