The “Dogefather”: Dogecoin To Mars!!

dogecoin to mars
Elon’s worth in Dogecoin.. To the Moon and then Mars we go 🚀

Elon Musk the “Dogefather” was talking on Twitter just the other day and how he continues to show up and show off for the entire Dogecoin community without anybody really understanding exactly how he is validating Dogecoin as not only a currency.

But as something that he believes in truly and wholeheartedly, and how it’s a part of his global mission of making Earth a better place for human beings. He’s always there in the forefront, making sure that Dogecoin continues to be pushing the limelight and making sure that they talk and the discussion is always moving forward with the mainstream adoption of Dogecoin and the entire crypto market.

All the eyes are on Bitcoin right now, which is incredibly bullish long term for the entire health of the crypto market. Dogecoin price cannot break through the resistance level of 24 cents right now, down 2 percent but still looking incredibly bullish for a continuation after Bitcoin has the next move here.

Elon Musk is now richer than Bill Gates and Warren Buffett COMBINED!

Popular crypto YouTuber Matt Wallace’s tweeted,

Elon Musk (with a net worth equal to 861 billion #Dogecoin) is now richer than Bill Gates and Warren Buffett COMBINED!
Understand the magnitude of this tweet right here. Understand the magnitude of who Elon Musk really is, how much he has done for the entire world, and how he continuously innovating and bringing the entire human nature to a different level.
We see Tesla and what they’ve done for civilization. Now we’re seeing Space X. Everything that Musk is doing is always pushing the envelope. And now you have to really understand the person that is now richer than Bill Gates and Warren Buffett can buy. The person who wants to see Dogecoin be the superior currency, not only on Earth but also on the Moon and Mars.
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