Dogecoin The Next Big Thing?

dogecoin the next big thing

So welcome back to a video on the Finance Worth Guide now in today’s video, you men can see that here on the Dogecoin charts. Curious about Dogecoin the next big thing? Things are really interesting since what’s happened today is that Dogecoin is presently trading at around 30 cents, really at twenty 9 cents. However you guys know what I’m attempting to say? The price is down 15 percent. Now, this is intriguing.

OK, this is really interesting, people, because earlier today we were up around 400 percent. Now, men, you need to understand that point of view is crucial here. Some individuals are thinking, oh, my God, is the Dogecoin over. We’re seeing a 15 percent decline. OK, that’s too big.

We’re seeing a 15 percent decline. Is this over? And I would say no. OK, guys, like I said to you in my previous video, I all said to you that when there were these gross, OK, when we did have these extraordinary offshoots, I said, no, crypto resembles this. No crypto chart resembles boom, boom, boom. And then it simply shoots upwards.

And even when it does, people, you need to understand that pullbacks in any sort of run up are healthy people in any sort of added are healthy. So you need to understand that with Dogecoin, with any crypto, with Bitcoin, there’s always going to be corrections on pullbacks and the things that figure out these are announcements and stuff like that.

So we can see here that we had OKAY recently, OK, we simply had the very first not really the first. The first was actually here. We had the 2nd sort of increase. We had this 3rd increase, which was just, this was parabolic. This is when Doge was trending pretty much I wouldn’t say world large, however I would state as far as it might go.

And now, of course, we’re seeing this healthy. And I would state this is a really healthy 16 percent correction with the coin. Now, why is this fascinating and why is this something to take notice of see? The important things is OKAY with Dogecoin. All right.

I really expected it to fall much harder. And the reason you’re keeping track of. Wait, why would you anticipate it to fall so difficult? Well, where we entered around five days, guys. The price actually went around 400 percent in 5 days.

Guys, that is definitely outrageous. I do not believe individuals are understanding how insane that is. I formerly mentioned that if you did go on coin market cap, right. Every gold coin market cap you might have seen. All right. That literally any other coin did refrain from doing anywhere near to what Dogecoin did.

If we take a look at the seven day chart, OK, we saw by the ones that have actually done the most in returns, we can literally see those coin is at the top. Now, naturally, it’s going to be decreasing because, of course, after an excellent seven days, this is absolutely crazy. I do wish to say that today the whole crypto market seems to be on fire, which is great.

Now, obviously, something actually did take place, which is a major, major, major sort of, I wouldn’t said aspect that can figure out the price. But at the end of the day, I constantly say my videos, men, that with relative to  Dogecoin, you have to take a look at Bitcoin also, men, due to the fact that Dogecoin does not exist by itself, exists with other cryptos.

They need to understand, OK, Dogecoin on all other crypto currencies are somewhat related to Bitcoin. If Bitcoin right. Was about to crash, OK, let’s say Bitcoin simply crashed. When you have to understand that dollar coin simply by you know, see just relations the cryptocurrency is going to fall as well.

OK, like I would said that Bitcoin does figure out just how much the market is moving, remember? And the start, the Bullrun when Bitcoin  that’s, you understand, will start to kick off this whole thing and get people into crypto again. And now what we have here, guys, OK, is, you know, this negative belief in the market today because Bitcoin actually dropped in rate as Turkey banned the crypto payment.

People, this is bad, OKAY? This is bad for crypto general because when you have an entire country. OK, can I talk with my channel? I talked about being Bitcoin, being prohibited. I talked about Michael Borya spoke about these things on my channel way, way back.

And I said that, you know, at the end of the day today, what we’re going to need to see is we’re visiting what takes place when countries start to get involved and they try to sort of control, you know, banning crypto payments. Now when nations ban payments, you need to comprehend individuals always get crypto confused with Bitcoin, OK? These are, you know, comparable things, but it’s not the same.

Crypto is every cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a single cryptocurrency. OK, so some countries just prohibited Bitcoin. Some nations prohibit entire crypto. And for a country to prohibit crypto, this is bad men. This is really bad. Now, obviously, you’re saying what importance that you have is not the U.S.A., yada, yada, yada.

At the end of the day, we have to understand for coins to increase, there needs to be some sort of positive sentiment and around the world adoption and some sort of increasing adoption. Men, I formerly talked I’m unsure if I mentioned it, but in my videos I always mention that in order for a coin to increase an increase, that needs to be increasing adoption.

One of the main catalysts for Dogecoin going on this ridiculous rally was the Coinbase listing and the truth that there is developers and all developers working on Coinbase noting men. This is Dogecoin the next big thing. This indicates that there’s going to be an increased adoption, which is good.

OK, I wish to mention in this video, I do have some official links to Coinbase where you can in fact register, OK, and you can. I cryptocurrency the very same with balance, you can really purchase Dogecoin on financing.

So for those of you wondering, you understand, where can I purchase Dogecoin? Some individuals are having trouble buying Dogecoin and Robin Hood guys to make another video about that, due to the fact that I did hear that people were stating that Robin Hood is possibly manipulating the rate, however we’ll get into that now.

The point is right now, what do you men believe is going to take place? Well, I can provide you my 2 cents, OK? This is what I think is going to take place now. I think today for some time till we have another major driver, Dogecoin is probably going to hover around this level.

However I would see, OK, and this is what we can likewise take notice of guys if we go on Dogecoin trading view. And this is among my preferred sources of info that I like to look at. OK, this is going to offer us information right on where the coin is headed next, because there are a lot of traders who are a lot smarter than me, who invest a lot more time seeing the charts that take note of where the stuff is going.

Now, of course, if you look at the chart, you could plainly see that once they hit this outrageous peak, there were so many various sags that we might see that dogecoin was, of course, on a sag. And I was in a crypto group chat with a trader and he was informing me that, you understand, there’s this I do not even remember what it was called.

However long story short, men, that those coin was on a sag. I have to keep in mind men where we originated from since a great deal of times we were like, oh, no, those crashing. Oh, my God, it’s over. People, this is absolutely normal, OKAY? We went up OK. Four hundred percent. OK, a correction of 50 percent is entirely typical.

Me personally, I expected it to be a lot more due to the fact that when you have such an increase in rate, you know, it would not be insane to see the rate going absolutely insanely down. So if we look at the technicals, you can see there are individuals publishing and they’re publishing charts on where Doge is going to be going.

So as you can see, these are day-to-day charts and weekly charts and stuff like that. So we can absolutely see what individuals are stating. So this is someone who’s saying that they’re bullish on Dogecoin.

Now, obviously, this is a trading chart. Now, for those of you who don’t truly know what’s going on, they’re going to try to describe to you. Essentially, the lines that we have here are lines that type of anticipate where the coin is going to go. So in between these two lines here, so we got this line here and after that we got this line here, as you people can see.

So these two lines, I’m attempting to illustrate this one, and we have this one and then we have these lines. So practically what’s going to take place is they’re expecting it to increase, down and then expecting it to increase. And, of course, these guys and see, this is the take a revenue target. Now, of course, all these different lines are various things.

You know, you got a wave, B wave and see wave. Now, there’s various trading patterns can take place. Of course, they’re awaiting a bullish verification before entry. So it’s all based upon information. Now, this is all great. And naturally, this is generally saying that this is really a bullish play.

Dogecoin is, you understand, still bullish right now. The only thing is, men, you need to understand that Dogecoin isn’t a coin, which you can actually trade based upon the fundamentals of the coin. And volume, we need to comprehend is OK, cryptocurrency and bitcoin and things like this are mainly based, generally based in announcements and mainly based in, I guess you could say, reactive news.

They’re extremely reactive to news. They’re very receptive to announcements like, for instance, dogecoin. I remember in the early days of Dogecoin, which is actually January, when individuals were tweeting about those worried people tweeting about Dogecoin, it would move OK.

I remember the very first tweet, the second tweets. There were more tweets here that pushed Dogecoin up and down. So keep in mind, technical analysis is all great, however it’s not a stock, OK? You can’t actually, you know, sort of gauge and this is way more unstable.

So technically, this is while it’s relevant, it doesn’t assist as much as you ‘d liked it to due to the fact that Elon Musk could tweet today that he simply bought a billion worth of doge, OK? And the cost would actually go sky high again.

So you have to understand that these are the kind of things that we’re taking into consideration now. Obviously, if there’s no news and the principles and technicals of the coin are going to play a lot more of a puzzle right now, I believe Dogecoin is probably going to I’m not sure if it would it would decrease a bit more.

The thing is, OK, is that we need to see what kind of support levels or what kind of resistance levels and support levels are basically the lowest levels of which the coin kind of hovers around. And of course, if it breaks these levels, then we can expect the coin to drop further. And if it keeps dropping support, then, oh, boy, it’s going to be bad.

But right now, I think that the coin is probably going to drop maybe just a little bit, because, of course, as I said, with every hype train, it goes down for a while and it’s probably going to go down to people like me that are it’s dead, that it’s never going to a dollar like what happened when I said this, I said this was happening around here and no one kind of believe me, you never know, guys.

But don’t forget, OK, the thing is here, we have to pay attention to the news. But the news for Dogecoin is still bullish. So, of course, you guys are going to see financiers actually tweeting, oh, my God, that tweet just went. But you guys, did you see it OK? I’m not even sure where the tweet just went.

But then again, news is something that is going to help those going out more than anything, guys, because the fundamentals of this coin, it doesn’t have any sense. You can see by finance says nothing to see here, just a doge using finances.

You know, the other day, guys, you have to remember, this is a meme coin. This coin doesn’t have any true intrinsic value just yet. So we don’t know where it’s going to go just yet. And of course, the developers, we have to see what the developers are saying, because when the developers say certain things are when they announce certain things, this is a.

Send the price of the coin skyrocketing, so the Doge hype train isn’t over just yet. Once again, I’m wondering what Elon Musk is going to say about those clinics. He did say everything to the moon, which is kind of funny. It’s probably something related to Dogecoin.

So, yeah, at the end of the day, this is something that’s interesting, something that is continuing to trend. Can we see Dogecoin once again and break the half a dollar mark? I don’t know, guys. Right now it’s give or take.

And right now we’re sort of having that sort of steam off period, which is expected, which I did talk about. I did say that, of course, this rally won’t last forever. There’s going to be periods where it goes down. And then, of course, when it does take a correction, that is probably the best time to buy.

Now, of course, when the correction is, nobody’s going to know when dogecoin is the perfect time to buy and bottom out. But at the end of the day, if you are thinking of buying it, always told you guys to dollar cost, average, anything that any financial instrument across any financial market that you do buy because that alleviates some of the risk that you are going to face.

So next week for DOT, right now we just have to watch the charts and watch the news and see what’s going to happen next, because I can guarantee they’re probably going to be some announcements. And me personally, I’m going to be watching what the developers are saying, because these guys are the key players next on where Dogecoin is going to either pop off or fall off or you know.

And of course, what I’m also going to be watching, guys, is the one hundred richest Dogecoin address guys, because we know what are the main vulnerability points of dogecoin is the fact that one wallet holds 20 percent of the world’s entire supply. So if this account sells, the market could entirely crash.

And I always mention that in these videos because I feel like some people are giving you an injustice by not mentioning the full picture whilst making themselves a whole lot richer now.

Guys, before I let you, I do want to say and the conversation, you know, on crypto on YouTube right now, if you’re paying attention to crypto on YouTube right now and if I go on my channel right now, guys, if we go on the finance value guy, OK, you have to understand and the comments section right now, OK, I can’t buy my channel.

But the point is, is that in the comments, there are so many different scams right now. So please pay attention to the scams because a lot of people are trying to scam you on. A lot of people are trying to get your information and all this stuff. So please understand.

So if we look at this coming right here, this is a scam. Just ignore these comments, ignore these comments. I’ve been removing these comments, but these spam accounts that keep coming, you know, just ignore these comments. Just please ignore them because they’re scams. And I don’t want anybody getting a scam.

So please understand that there’s so many scams going on right now. And there are comments saying invest here, invest here, don’t pay attention to these comments. They’re scams. I just want to keep you guys out of the out of the woodwork when it comes to avoiding scams and avoiding losing money. With that being said that we like that we can scrap. I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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