Dogecoin : The Top Ranks Of The Most Solid Crypto Currencies In The World

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Dogecoin is the one being considered of being capable of breaking the Bitcoin dependency

So many questions have been asked by investors who missed out on the ridiculous moves of Dogecoin about why it’s crazy moves were not anticipated. The right answer would be that Dogecoin mostly started thriving on trends.

It’s understandable because of the time it was created. Memes were the hottest trend and everyone loved them. No one would have rationally thought of making a mark sample of the largest cryptocurrency in the market. And Dogecoin was technically expected to be just that.

The top ranks of the most solid crypto in the world

Doge gained a life of its own when the community took it up and it gained use as a currency. For some businesses, that would just be the beginning of the insane journey of Dogecoin. Over the course of 2020, barely over 500.000 people have invested in Dogecoin or even heard about it. These coins populated the top ranks of the most solid crypto currencies in the world.

Three years after its creation, Dogecoin would break the ranks of the crypto hierarchy and initiate a shakeup of the entire crypto industry, virtually known as the most flexible crypto. It’s been praised and criticized for being easily movable by market sentiments. This was brought to the fore when Elon Musk started influencing Dogecoin and motivating its investors and prospects.

Dogecoin sure is the leader in the market

Dogecoin has made crazy millionaires among its crowd of investors. Mike Novogratz, notably a Bitcoin fanatic, stated earlier between March and April that the Doge market is filled with young investors and people who are new to the crypto investment sphere. Think about the current market activity, Dogecoin of all existing crypto currencies is the one being considered of being capable of breaking the Bitcoin dependency.

Dogecoin sure is the leader in the market. But as crypto is our virtual currencies, others should have a mind of their own and should be able to make their own gains against Bitcoin, like the way a fiat currency would either gain or lose against another. Looking at some of the crypto currencies that are now coming up in eardrops and presale, they are intentionally using massive social media outlets to proliferate their marketing activities.

Dogecoin community support remains as strong as ever

Dogecoin had Elon Musk and most of celebrities at its beck and call showing incredible support. Now new crypto currencies are making use of social media influencers on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and even Facebook to draw traffic and build a community. Dogecoin community support remains as strong as ever.

This is why the best thing Dogecoin can offer its investors right now is a return to a new uptrend. At first, it doesn’t have to be something so comprehensive, but just enough to keep investors eyes on the price action. One of the major factors that could still inspire another crazy price action for Dogecoin is Elon Musk’s influence, which has been a forerunner for Dogecoin this year.


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