Will Dogecoin Spike When Elon Musk Goes On SNL this Weekend?? – Everything You Need to Know

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Dogecoin, a digital currency that started as a joke, but now it’s worth more than Ford, BP and other huge companies. Analysts said the rising price of Dogecoin, the digital currency is very similar to the patter, Bitcoin has now. All of this comes right before Elon Musk, hosting SNL (Saturday Night live) on 8 May .

Elon Musk, The Daddy of Dogecoin

Elon Musk helped raise Dogecoin profile in February because he posted a picture of Doge on the moon. That one single tweet pushed Dogecoin value up 20 percent. Dogecoin rise has definitely come on the back of the boom in Bitcoin price.

People have been getting all this unemployment money, basically all this cash the government is giving the people. They’re putting it into crypto nowadays. With all of this spending the governments are doing. It’s basically like printing money. And you know what that means.

New billionaires definitely possible due to the crazy rise

Inflation is bound to come sooner or later. Not one single entity owns now anything in this decentralized space such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, even NFTE is bound to rise when there’s so much focus around the government and the money. Investors have made a crap ton of money in the last few months.

Now there are a few Dogecoin traders that claim to have made over one billion dollars just off of Dogecoin alone. And it is definitely possible due to the crazy rise. Now, you know the old saying all good things come to an end. Yes. Cryptocurrency, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, all of that is very, very volatile. And it could come crashing down at any moment.

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