Dogecoin Smart Contract is Coming!! Dogecoin Can Go Beyond Our Expectations!!

dogecoin smart contract
Much truth..

If we take a look at the top 20 cryptocurrencies with the highest volume, each one has an interesting and unique use case, Dogecoin is one of the most popular projects after Bitcoin.

Now we have confirmed news from one of the leading Dogecoin developers, Ross Nickel, that Dogecoin smart contracts are coming according to Dogecoin and Investments CEO Twitter handle

Dogecoin Block Chain

It supports smart contracts that allow developers to launch their projects. including DeFi,  tokens on a Ethereum and blockchain. Developers and investors will be able to build their DeFi token NFT and can do the transaction on Dogecoin BlockChain network at the minimal network gas fee of less than one dollar. Dogecoin is way cheaper, has high transaction speed and minimal network fees as compared to many other smart contracts.

Doge is one of the oldest and cheapest with high volume.

Dogecoin is looking quite solid. If we take a look at the twenty four hour Dogecoin chart, it is making a head and shoulders pattern, which is the sign of upcoming bullish. If you look closely at the last three days chart, you’ll find out that each dip got eaten quickly, which is also a bullish sign.

Dogecoin is almost available on every exchange and it’s one of the oldest and cheapest coins with the highest volume out there in the crypto industry. The Dogecoin mass adoption will start right after the announcement will be made publicly by the Dogecoin developers.

Within one week after the official announcement of Dogecoin smart contract support, Dogecoin will easily cross one to one dollar fifty cents. With the smart contract support feature, Doge will be able to attract more and more investors and we are sure it will cross five dollars if it happens.

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