DOGECOIN : Robinhood Wallets TESTING!!!

robinhood wallets testing
A screenshot of Robinhood test #DOGE transfer

Robinhood is testing  Dogecoin wallet. So Christine Brown, chief operating officer at Robinhood Crypto, has offered a sneak peek at the app’s much anticipated cryptocurrency wallet feature in a recent tweet. She attached a screenshot of a test Dogecoin transfer that took place last week.

Robinhood is not going to release them until quarter one of 2022

The Robinhood wireless is the next thing on the list and then hopefully we’ll be getting Tesla for Dogecoin, which is just on the horizon. Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus said that the development was huge for the meme coin in a tweet while praising the coin’s cheap transaction fees.

Robinhood is not going to release them until quarter one of 2022. So this is just them testing it out, making sure it’s good. They’re going to be making sure everything secure is safe, working out of the bugs, working all of the fixes, and we’ll be getting Robinhood wallets here soon, probably within the next two to three months.


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