Some Facts That Dogecoin Is A Popular Cryptocurrency

dogecoin popular cryptocurrency
The future currency of earth! 👀🚀

Earlier this year, the hype surrounding Dogecoin grew so much that it made the coin the top performing cryptocurrency of the year. At the time of recording, Dogecoin is trading at around 24 cents with a massive gain of about 10.742 percent over the last year.

Doge a highly popular cryptocurrency

As a matter of fact, the German travel booking platform Get Your Guide that just expanded to the US decided to start accepting Doge as a payment method. Being crypto friendly, it also allows people to pay for bookings with cryptocurrency. Get Your Guide is not the first to accept the meme coin.

Earlier this year, the Bobby Hotel, located in Nashville, Tennessee, also announced that it’s accepting Doge alongside other cryptos being while many other businesses and companies started accepting cryptocurrency payments.

The Dallas Mavericks have also been among the first to start accepting Dogecoin. The Mark Cuban owned team has been accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for game tickets and merchandise for almost two years.

Some of the other businesses and companies that now accept them in crypto include in mid-April of 2021 Kronos Advanced Technologies. The air purification tech company now has approximately 600 million in Dogecoin cash and will begin using it as a method of payment.

Air Baltic was the first airline to make the Doge friendly companies list. However, this was not a huge surprise, as the company has been open to accepting cryptocurrency payments since 2014 would have begun accepting Bitcoin.

Easy DNS is a Canadian Internet service provider known for its superior services and innovation. As of April 16th of this year, the company climbed the innovation ladder even higher by accepting Doge payments.

We believe the cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin and Dogecoin, are here to stay

We believe the cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin and Dogecoin, are here to stay. Newegg is one of the latest EA retailers to announce its acceptance of Doge as a method of payment. The company did so to celebrate Doge day on April 20th. Newegg partnered up with BitPay. Their customers can now pay with Doge by simply clicking edit in the payment section and selecting Bitcoin post.

Oak Motor Cars is a luxury car dealership and repair service company operating on the Gulf Coast. Thanks to a recent updating their payment method system, customers can now purchase Bentleys, Bacardi’s and Rolls Royce vehicles using Doge. SpaceX plans to launch Doge one mission to the moon in 2022 and has already begun accepting payments and Doge for mission funding.

Estate diamond jewelry is a fairly recent addition to the list of companies accepting Doges the payment method. This jewelry house is also one of the first of its kind to accept high ticket payments using dogecoin payments has become one of the industry’s leading cryptocurrency processing companies.

In addition, one of the Doge developers recently proposed cutting those transaction fees by 50 percent. The proposal comes in the wake of  Elon Musk announcing his intention to work with those developers. Of course, Musk aims to help improve the old coin become a better payment solution.


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