Dogecoin Accepted By Businesses In US, CANADA and EUROPE!! The Future Looks Bright for Dogecoin

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Most countries, except Fiat as a payment system, are now accepting Dogecoin as a mode of payment. This is good news for the Doge community as people want to buy, invest and hold their Doge still. Over time people will use Doge to buy cars, flights and restaurant meals. For them to be accepted as a means of payment, businesses and citizens will have to agree to trade with the currency. The Federal Reserve chairman, Jerome Powell, had some choice words about crypto currencies. He said they are largely for making bets on price increases and haven’t reached the status of payment mechanisms.

The future looks bright for Dogecoin

Dogecoin is now being accepted as a legitimate currency by several companies after the coins value rose due to several tweets from Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and CEO of SpaceX. In early March, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, announced that they would begin accepting Dogecoin payments for tickets and fan merchandise online. The Dallas Mavericks are the largest Dogecoin merchant in the world.

Kessler Collection is a luxury resort chain and the first to announce that it will accept Doge. For those of us who are well traveled, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Tesla collection, but for those who are not luxury globetrotters, the Tesla collection owns multiple hotels across the US, such as Beavercreek, Large Casa Monaca Resort and Spa and Elliott Park Hotel. So you can travel across the US and pay in Doge. This is pretty incredible for the currency that’s been deemed a meme by the likes of Warren Buffett, who thinks people shouldn’t invest in it.

The more businesses accept it, the easier it becomes for people to purchase the cryptocurrency

In 2014 Latvian airline Air Baltic declared itself the first airline to accept Bitcoin for passengers air tickets. AZN, a Canadian Internet service provider, announced that it would accept Dogecoin as a payment for all its services. The currency is gaining broader acceptance in both the US and Canada as it’s incredibly cheap and convertible via  @BitPay.  When more countries begin accepting Doge, more people will be incentivized to purchase the currency.

Dogecoin started as a joke back in 2013, but the currency is gaining legitimacy across investment and payment circles. The more businesses accept it, the easier it becomes for people to purchase the cryptocurrency. Businesses across Europe, the US and Canada will increasingly accept the currency for travel, broadband connection and football tickets.

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