Dogecoin Network Overloaded by Spam: Community Looks for Solutions

Dogecoin’s network is experiencing congestion due to a surge in activity resulting from spam associated with DRC20 token minting frenzy, according to the popular Dogecoin-focused Twitter account, Mishaboar. Several blocks are approaching full capacity, resulting in increased fees, delayed transactions with lower fees, and the growth of the mempool. Mishaboar explained that the spammers are exploiting Dogecoin, which allows for a higher number of transactions before high fees come into effect. By congesting the network, they aim to drive up expenses for new buyers interested in minting the tokens. Some concerned users inquired about potential solutions, such as limiting transactions, but miners stand to make significant profits from increased fees once blocks are full. While node operators could limit bandwidth consumed by these spam transactions, they could not prevent them from reaching miners. Miners, then, have a direct incentive to allow the spam, as it enables them to profit in a short period. The community must rely on the vigilance of node operators and miners to maintain the stability and functionality of the network.

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