Dogecoin and Other Cryptocurrencies About To GO CRAZY In July!!

dogecoin july prediction
D.O.G.E. Do Your Part 🙂

We are seeing a lot of optimism, specifically in reference to July when it comes to cryptocurrency. What are we going to see in that month? Well, there’s a number of things. And one of them is a big meeting. This could involve both Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk, as well as Cathie Wood all together, publicly, and part of it privately in another part of it, so that these people from Forex and Fortune are saying and remember, this is not this is not just some random article. This is Fortune, one of the biggest publications in the world.

Optimism coming from articles

They are right now coming in with this article talking about how cryptocurrency is going to go crazy in July and specifically citing Elon Musk in this, which means Dogecoin going a massive world is not too far behind. And that’s not even the only thing. We were also seen in the chart on top of this optimism coming from articles where they’re predicting July specifically to be a big month.

Bitcoin has been doing about the same type of thing that it did a few months ago. It stayed at that same level. for about a month in that 30 to 40 thousand dollar range, then spiked up massively, although that was from the Elon Musk Tesla announcement. Now it’s come back down and it’s done the same exact thing that it did before staying in that place for approximately one month, leading us to believe that we could be about to see another big breakout. It’s going to go heavily in that direction.

There is going to be a lot of big things are coming

I’m predicting we could see a big month for Dogecoin and Bitcoin as well. Dogecoin, a very similar type of pattern. A little bit more uncertainty when it comes to all coins, a little bit more volatility. So Dogecoin has not stayed in quite the same percentage pattern, but it has overall followed a similar trend as Bitcoin, just with a more pronounced amount of volume, a more pronounced upward and downward spike.

It may take a little bit longer because Elon Musk was saying it’s going to be a while before they see the profits. But both of those are something to look forward to for sure, as well as we see the news Tanzania Central Bank says it is working on President’s Cryptocurrency push.

More and more companies starting to embrace cryptocurrency Bitcoin right now especially. But it’s going to change over time. Big moves coming Doge devs working hard. And there is going to be a lot of big things that are coming. There’s no question about that. Because now Dogecoin became the number one Bitcoin chain cryptocurrency. So a big accomplishment for Dogecoin.

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