I’ll Tell You Why Dogecoin Is One Of The Most Popular And Widely Used Cryptos

dogecoin the most popular crypto
Dogecoin is one of the most popular and widely used cryptos

DOGE has now becoming more popular throughout the world. And just recently, Dogecoin reached the number one crypto spot by usage in Asia due to its massive wave of adoptions.

DOGE has now become the leading crypto in the Asian market

DOGE has now become the leading crypto in the Asian market, outperforming both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Moreover, we can see here that last year, Dogecoin was the most traded crypto in India, one of the biggest markets in Asia, and it has been expected that this trading volume of DOGE will continue to soar in India and other Asian countries.

All in all, Dogecoin is now becoming one of the most popular and widely used cryptos. And another very positive update for DOGE is that holders can now earn interest on their holdings via popular crypto lender Celsius.

Dogecoin Holders Can Now Earn Interest on Their DOGE via Celsius

Dogecoin can now earn interest on their holdings via popular cryptocurrency lender Celsius. According to an announcement, DOGE holders can earn up to 0.5% APY in kind.

Celsius’ announcement details that DOGE holders can, if they so choose, decide to earn interest in the platform’s native CEL token. If they choose to do so rewards can go up to 0.63% for eligible users with a Platinum status on the platform.

So this is positive news for Dogecoin because it will lure investors to invest in DOGE and start earning interest.

State Senator Introduces Bill to Make Bitcoin Legal Tender in Arizona

And now one of the biggest updates for Bitcoin, which is also very important for Dogecoin. So a bill was recently introduced in Arizona that would make Bitcoin legal tender in the state if the legislation passes and the law goes into effect. The bill was introduced by state senator Wendy Rogers, and it seeks to amend the list of accepted legal tender to include Bitcoin.

So it means that Bitcoin would be accepted for the payment of debts, public charges, taxes and other dues if the law goes into effect and the bill must pass, the Arizona State Senate and House before Governor Doug Ducey could sign it into law.

In fact, more states start exploring the acceptance of Bitcoin as a legal tender, then we might see the federal government accepting it. If Bitcoin gets accepted as a legal tender in Arizona, I think that DOGE may also get accepted sometime in the future.

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