dogecoin is blasting off
Are you Guys READY??? Cos I am!

Dogecoin is blasting off right now. We’re seeing all of the cryptos take off, things are happening like we’ve never seen before. Dogecoin can move more than any crypto out there. Dogecoin can move very strong, very fast. And it’s very consistent with doing this. It always outperforms the market in time.

When things seemed like they were going to zero, the bull run never left

Bitcoin price rebounds to dollars. Indicator suggests that Bitcoin is looking to repeat the October 2020 like rally that sent the prices from 10.000 to 65.000. The Bull Run is here. When things are boring, when things seemed like they were going to zero, the bull run never left us. We were in a correction. Cryptos are not dead. They always recover Bitcoin and the good cryptos, they always recovered one hundred percent of the time. That’s why people invest into them. That’s why they’re the best assets to own.

There might be a couple of months like we’ve just seen where they come down for a bit. They cool off and then they start heading back up. The summer months for stocks and cryptos are generally. Right at the end of July, it ended up turning bullish. And then August is also a very bullish month for cryptos. So what this article is saying is that people think that if can sell off now after having gone 18 days in a row straight.

Whenever gold was shooting up, Bitcoin was going down, but now gold is shooting down and Bitcoin is going up. That shows you another reason to confirm that we are in a bull run, that things are about to get crazy for Bitcoin, which when things get crazy for Bitcoin, it helps Dogecoin, helps other crypto currencies.

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