Give Me 10 Minutes, I’ll Give You The Truth About My 50k Dogecoin Investing

dogecoin investing
Crypto = crack

What’s up, people, Simon, here in this video, I wish to go over if I regret my 50k dogecoin investing. To me it’s a great deal of money. Fifty thousand dollar investment in Dogecoin.

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This video has to do with whether or not as a financier or someone attempted to come up that finance ladder, if I are sorry for putting fifty thousand dollars into the coin, I will be truthful. I am still a bit skeptical. I’m a bit anxious since the coin has no financial or tangible possession. It not does anything. It’s not a smart agreement technology.

It’s not Bitcoin which is developed to change the payment system or cryptocurrency to decentralize money. It’s basically a meme coin. A joke coin. What’s going to happen when Elon Musk squanders his financial investment or whoever else? If they do have these coins, celebs cash out their investment and stop talking about it and leap to the next point.

That’s what I’m really worried about, this coin. Do I regret my financial investment thus far? I do not. Nevertheless, this coin does have a possible to likewise decrease due to the fact that it’s got nothing backing it. There’s absolutely nothing other than hype making it important. It’s not restricted. It’s mined every day or there’s more produced every day. It’s currently at about a seven billion dollar market cap. This makes this coin a bit finicky.

Now, I don’t predict this coin dropping to two cents or one cents or anywhere in between then. In fact, it’s been that around five to 6 cents. And I have actually enjoyed with that because it made me a fifty thousand dollar financial investment. I made eleven twelve thousand dollars at one point and I more than happy with that and I was more pleased with that than some of my other investments.

Nevertheless, in the back of my mind, people, this coin still a bit worried about the financial investment. I seem like I jumped on the train, but I got on the train while the coin was at a perpetuity high of 5 point 5 cents or 5 cents. At the time, I didn’t capture this coin at zero point zero one 8 like some of you men that have actually been commenting.

And congratulations to you. You know what? I desire you to earn that money. I want you to earn money. I praise you for getting in early. If you got in early, congratulations. I hope you made a lot of freaking money enough to retire or obtain what you desire and what you should have.

But for me, I bought in at that high peak and to make up for my financial investment to see if I could make more cash, I put in more cash just to make up what some of you men, for example, purchased a thousand to five thousand dollars early, are going to make the exact same amount of cash if I possibly, you understand, it grows higher etc. And I had to put in more cash to get that quantity of coins.

So today, with my fifty thousand dollar financial investment, I got about nine hundred eighty 5 thousand coins. I also have twenty 5 thousand being in Robin Hood waiting to fire if I find dogecoin or anything else to be financially rewarding. So I’m taking a look at some stocks. I might get back into RingCentral, I may buy much more New York and I might even buy more Dogecoin or Bitcoin if I see Bitcoin on a decrease once again just to act.

So do I regret my financial investment? No, I do not regret my financial investment. But I will inform you, I am a bit anxious about it or I consider it more than my other financial investments. So, for example, for Ethereum, when I invest the 5000 dollars now that’s, you know, one tenth of what I put into Dogecoin, however that Ethereum investment has doubled, in fact, tripled at one point and then nearly actually quadrupled.

However with that financial investment, I feel it’s strong. I do not understand why I get the sensation that Ethereum is going to keep increasing since it is a main gamer in cryptocurrency and Dogecoin is not a main player in cryptocurrency yet. Yet it is still being accepted now by the Mavericks, the Dallas Mavericks and Mark Cuban.

It’s being accepted by some other business I read about. And if it becomes a trending coin or an accepted coin, we have a lot of potential. But if it does not, fifty thousand dollars to me is a lot of cash to lose. I’m not a Instagram baller with a private yacht or pretending to be on a yacht or owning a jet or pretending to be owning a jet and effort man.

That’s got my method to this top. And at any time I lose ten thousand fifteen thousand twenty 5 thirty forty fifty, it injures. That’s difficult made money. And when you earn it yourself, you understand how hard it is to make fifty thousand dollars.

Getting back to this coin, I seem like we’re going to see where Dogecoin goes in the next several months. I believe within a year this coin is going to get high. That’s what I’m believing. And then it’s going to dip and I’m going to need to decide at what moment will I take my fifty thousand dollar financial investment and say, you can’t get greedy, you need to let it go. This is the time to let it go and see it potentially return down to regular levels or trading levels. Right.

That high wave and then generally either rebuy again, understanding that’s going to increase or leave and earn your money and put it into something else or invest it into something that I have actually been extremely comfy with in the past, such as real estate.

Now, keep in mind. As soon as you offer your dogecoin and you put it back in the bank and earn a profit versus reinvesting it, you’re going to need to pay tax. So you’re going to pay capital gains tax which’s a great deal of cash to lose.

So I’m going to have to figure out a way to continue following these investments till I’m ready to retire and most likely retire in a state where there’s no state income tax etc and cash out all of my investments there.

Those going man, this pet dog is I’m hoping it goes to the moon, men, just. No, looking back, SpaceX, whatever you desire, at one point, all of us need to realize that it might likewise boil down and the reason they may come down is since it has no tangible meaning, no concrete goods, no tangible properties. It’s merely hyped up by a man named Snoop Dogg and Elon Musk, who I find to be the most appealing person on Earth and likewise other stars that are tweeting about it. I do not even know if they investing in dogecoin.

So a great deal of you men asked in my last video, you know, how is your financial investment? Some people ask as soon as it begin tanking after my investment, people are like, how do you feel now? I wasn’t worried. I kind of understood the hype was going to continue because increasingly more people tweeted about it and talked about it etc.

So I wasn’t concerned and returned up. I was happy. And after that I in one video I put that I put 50 K in, but we unintentionally showed a video of my Coinbase wallet with the Ethereum financial investment of 5 K now 15 K or so, and didn’t show the Robin Hood of Wallet, which has my financial investment and I notice did a video that reveals the Robin Hood wallet with a great deal of cash in there. Which video you might take a look at too.

Anyway, guys, remark below whoever else invested like me and put a substantial chunk and even a chunk that you discover significant to you. Are you at any point fretted about this investment? Do you think it’s going to go straight to the moon or what is your sell price? Are you going to hold it till a dollar? Are you going to hold it to 10 cents and double your cash? Are you going to hold it to twenty cents and quadruple your money? What are you going to do? I’m curious because I’m looking for some instructions too.

I don’t know how I feel about keeping fifty grand in this coin being such a big portion of cash without some concrete asset. It’s like purchasing a company that’s not there. It’s fake, it’s all fluff, it’s all hype. And buzz disappears when individuals lose interest and once people lose interest or particular people that hold that coin in masses don’t wager. And there’s more circulating supply, we’re screwed. Individuals that have put cash in that coin are going to be screwed.

So it’s stated that over fifteen individuals control 75 or 80 percent or something like that of Dogecoin. So that means there are some big, huge financiers that bought it. It’s getting hyped. They’re waiting to offload it at a particular point. And when that offload comes, that rate can tank. And if it tanks, I could lose my hat or my ass on this fifty thousand dollar investment, which is a lot of cash to me. And I do not desire that to occur.

So I’m anticipating your remarks. Leave them below. Are you stressed over your Dogecoin investment? Are you going to sell at a specific dogecoin price? And let’s hear it. Let me know what you people think. As always, I appreciate you seeing this video.

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So take a look at some of my other videos as well. I appreciate you viewing and I’ll catch you guys here in the next video. Thank you.

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