Dogecoin in July: Elon Musk, TESLA and Robinhood


We certainly saw a little spike early this morning with an Elon Musk tweet. And I’ll show you that and we have news about Tesla earnings report. Also a little bit about what’s going on with Robin Hood. There’s some news that they’ve got a huge fine, another one and there’s other lawsuits pending.

Tesla earnings report

The first for Dogecoin. What we’re seeing is low volume trading, still with a little bit of a pickup because of an Elon Musk tweet. But the volume overall has still been pretty low. We’ll see Dogecoin go back up over 30 cents and continue on up. That would be great to see in July. We’ve got some other catalysts coming as well. Again, I keep talking about this Tesla earnings report, an announcement that will be around July 21st, first 22nd.

Robin Hood wallet is going to come out soon

Also, we’ve got this Robin Hood wallet now, the Robin Hood wall. It’s going to come out soon. And Robin Hood got some other issues with the lawsuit thing now. Having a lot of people who bought on Robin Hood have a lot of Dogecoin on Robin Hood and you can’t do anything with it. You just have it. You’re watching it as an investment. So there’s not any real good solutions until we get that wallet system.

We’ve got the news this morning that there was a price in Dogecoin jumped that based on a tweet from Elon Musk and Elon Musk tweet looks like this.

Release the Doge and there’s a picture of The Godfather with the text, you come to me at runtime to tell me the code you are executing does not compile.

So what is this mean?

Does this mean that Elon is pushing the Dogecoin devs to get these updates out? That’s what I think. Elon Musk tweets sometimes have a lot more impact on the price action than than others. But when he specifically says something about Dogecoin, then it still has an effect on the price.

Now, for Dogecoin itself, I think looking ahead at this Tesla earnings report around July 21st, 22nd, I think we’re going to see whether Tesla was actually accumulating any Dogecoin or not, there was a lot of thoughts about some of these wallets and these big wallets. And there was this 1.5 billion dollar transfer of coins into a new wallet.

Could that be a Tesla wallet? That 1.5 billion number is actually the same amount that they had spent on Bitcoin last January. So if it follows that trend and that’s really what those coins are, that would be Tesla. And so we’ll find out about that.


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