What To Expect From Dogecoin In 2022

dogecoin in 2022
Live look at what’s to come.. dogecoin in 2022

What can we expect overall from Dogecoin in 2022? One of the biggest factors that we have here is what’s going on with the economy. We have a emergence of this new virus that we have inflation running wild.

So there’s a lot of factors out there that can say. We can stay in a consolidation period for a little longer, and it’s possible that the next cycle of the bull run technically could be delayed.

And to be completely honest, looking at it based off of the bear cycle bear market that we had last year, that was the shortest bear market in history.

What are we looking forward to in 2022?

There’s really a lot that we have that can set us up to have similar similar amount of success that we, as we did last year in the first quarter alone, where we have put business, is not country as much for the Tesla merch, but we’re anticipating that it will be done in the first quarter.

We have pretty much a rough date for the satellite, which was to be like late March, which is still technically the first quarter. We have the date from Adam Aron, CEO of AMC, who stated that he expects AMC to be able to accept Dogecoin for payment in the first quarter.

We now have GameStop coming forward saying that they’re going to be accepting Dogecoin. We’re not sure as far as what the date for that, but that’s just coming on in 2022 as well. And then we have the Moon launch.

New cryptocurrencies that are named after DOGE are popping up like every day. And the more that we build the foundation of Dogecoin, the more that we’re going to be able to separate ourselves from those these other coins.

When we start having these press running the source for DOGE being successful with Tesla, AMC, GameStop, and DOGE to the moon launch being successful, then we’re going to add that credibility to Dogecoin and that we have the potential to have that mass adoption and having a lot of businesses do partnerships with Dogecoin in 2022 too.


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