Dogecoin has the Potential to Achieve All Time Highs at any time!

dogecoin has the potential

I’m an expert in technical analysis and I make videos calling up big plays on Dogecoin, telling you what to buy and sell. Last night, Elon Musk sent another tweet. He says, The Doge father, Saturday Night Live, May 8th. That’s when the Asian markets open up, that’s when a lot of other things are happening around the world. And the funny thing was most of us were sleeping.

Dogecoin has the potential to get to all time highs

Have you guys ever noticed that when cryptocurrency is a pop while we’re sleeping or whenever they going down, they go down when we’re asleep? CNN’s Alphonso Van Marsh: Dogecoin has the potential to get to all time highs. He says the coin can move up ten cents in a split of a second.

Van Marsh says the level of resistance that we needed to take notice of is thirty three cents, about thirty four cents. Doge is having difficulties with the SEC and trying to be quiet about it, he says, to hint at a pump. Van Marsh: Are we going to break thirty four cents tonight? Let me know.

The Mac Bee is letting us know that we are most likely about to potentially have a breakout, and it means there’s a potential breakout on the loose. Dogecoin is especially looking very bullish. We had a nice recovery. We held at twenty seven cents. We are going up and taking a look at some of these other cryptos that we have. A theory and a theory is absolutely blasting off.

But we need to be specially focused on Dogecoin

We have Bitcoin popping, absolutely meaning. Cardano guys look at all of these cryptos and misread the total market cap of crypto there. On Saturday we’ll probably be a sell off or there will be a big pop up until Saturday Night Live. Those going can continue to pump all the way until Saturday and Friday night, maybe Friday night.

We’ll start to see a sell-off just like those day. Just be careful and never put too much money onto any position and trade safely, he says. And if you want to get my private traders want to buy Dogecoin, when would be a good time to buy some of these dips? Make sure you guys check out my website.

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