Dogecoin Getting Ready for a Big Run!

dogecoin getting ready for a big run
Elon and Doge looks great next to a Tesla.

Dogecoin is getting ready to make another big run. Dogecoin price is sitting just over 27 cents. But after Elon Musk tweet about Dogecoin for his university.

That is plenty and you can see the response brought it back up over 27 dip below again this morning a little bit but came back up overall. Crypto market is green this morning.

Robinhood is coming out with the wallets

Robinhood is coming out with the wallets, though we know that because they’ve been moving their coins. What this means is there’s going to be a lot of Dogecoin on Robinhood. A lot of people are going to shift it off Robinhood and other platforms, but also spend it too. And when they spend Dogecoin, you’re going to buy some more. So that just helps with Dogecoin and its price by people buying more Dogecoin.

Dogecoin doesn’t solely rely on Elon Musk but having someone like Elon on board certainly helps

So what’s going on with Dogecoin and Musk? Dogecoin doesn’t solely rely on Elon Musk but having someone like Elon on board certainly helps. First, we know Tesla is going to accept Dogecoin at some point in time. If you remember back in May, Elon had this tweet, should Tesla accept Dogecoin? Yes of course, Tesla should accept Dogecoin. So we know that’s coming.

He’s moving Tesla the whole company headquarters to Texas. And he was having fun say, Well, maybe I should start new university : Texas Institute of Technology & Science. And we know in 2022 the DOGE-1 rocket. Totally paid for by Dogecoin. And he’s sending Dogecoin up to the literal Moon. Now that’s going to be huge.

Do you want to be selling your Dogecoin and getting out of Dogecoin now? I don’t think so.

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