dogecoin ready to breakout
Elon tweets 🙂

Cryptos kind of work in cycles, and it looks like this is happening on a pattern. It’s going to take a little bit more momentum to get Dogecoin moving back up.

There was a lot of things going on that said, breakout and Dogecoin certainly did, and this was the breakout up to 70 cents. And on this breakout, Dogecoin had been trending down saw a big triangle happening.

What else is going on with Dogecoin and what else is going to take it rocketing back up?

We got the Robinhood wallets. They’re going to be rolling out soon. They’re doing this more as a way to gain more users. Also, with Elon Musk, maybe he’s hinting about Tesla accepting Dogecoin. But that would certainly be a huge catalyst that would rocket Dogecoin up.

But then there’s the little rocket literal rocket next year, where SpaceX and the DOGE-1 rocket going to the Moon with a Dogecoin on it. That will be huge. So a lot of good things going forward for Dogecoin. The breakouts are going to happen. Big support for Dogecoin.


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