Dogecoin Is The Future Currency! Good Things Come to Those Who Wait!


dogecoin future currency
Dogecoin future currency

Patience is good, This is the time when there’s low volume, not a lot of activity across the crypto markets right now. There’s always things going on. So we all just have to have a little patience, particularly with Dogecoin. I’m going to show you on the charts what that looks like because we had a long stretch a few months ago.

So, what’s happening in the news cycle?

Some big news from Apple, where they may be looking at integrating cryptocurrency into its sales platforms, which would be great because Apple sells a lot of stuff. Now, it doesn’t specifically say Dogecoin just as cryptocurrency, but interesting that they’re not just, going with big pay and integrating that, but they actually are hiring a specialist who will  figure out what the best way is to go the cryptocurrency route.

We think that Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin would all be included in that mix, which would be great for Dogecoin, of course, and Dogecoin would get a lot of buzz for it. And then there’s PayPal. PayPal doesn’t have Dogecoin yet either. And there’s a petition for, PayPal accepting Dogecoin and being able to buy Dogecoin on PayPal. We think that would be a good thing, particularly with PayPal’s history, with Elon Musk. Again, that would be another one of these catalysts that would help Dogecoin.

There’s other articles out there about, being careful to invest in Dogecoin. Dogecoin had this huge rise, but it won’t be able to sustain it. Let’s look at the Dogecoin charts and we’ll see what sustaining really is. Here’s the current trading of Dogecoin. This is zoomed out on the daily so we can look at some of the bigger picture.

Where a little patience is the key

What Dogecoin has experienced since the middle of April was the huge rise, little drop and giant rise again. Dogecoin was flat with relatively little trading volume. Patients, this is what we did, advanced patients, this was all trading right in between five and six cents.

If we scroll over now looking at that and then where Dogecoin has come since then, it’s like night and day. Now, if we look at Bitcoin, Bitcoin wasn’t quite the same. Bitcoin, if we look back in March, still had good trading volume and it was trading up of sixty thousand.

It’s just kind of going along up and down, sideways. So, not a lot of activity, but that’s OK. Consolidation, 35 cents is great for Dogecoin staying in the top ten market cap, solidifying itself with Elon Musk continuing to talk to the Dogecoin devs or getting ideas from everyone on how to improve Dogecoin, supporting Dogecoin and Dogecoin really being seen as the people’s currency and a currency of the future is great. And Dogecoin will continue to trade sideways.

I think there’s going to be another little dip and then we’re going to start seeing some upward trading happening. So that’s what I see for Dogecoin. A little patience is good and we’ll just ride it out. But you can see in the news articles everyone’s still talking about Dogecoin, even though there’s not a lot of trading going on, it’s still all about Dogecoin.

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