Elon Musk Reacts Dogecoin Founder Tweet!! Is It A Good Sign??

dogecoin founder tweet
Elon isn’t taking Doge to the Moon 🌙 only, but Mars too 🚀🐕.

Some big news that came out with Dogecoin, and that is with Elon Musk and also the one of the founders of Dogecoin, Shibetoshi Nakamoto on Twitter. So the first thing is with Dogecoin and Elon Musk. So Elon Musk came out and said, first of all, he logged a couple of tweets. This one, nothing too exciting. He really liked this tweet about Dogecoin. Every time he likes something about Dogecoin, people get very excited.

Founder of Dogecoin tweet

Not much substance to that. But where there is substance is down a little bit within the last 24 hours. He liked this tweet where it was from the founder of Dogecoin, where he said,

Please read what I said about Dogecoin back in 2014. My position then is the same as my position. Now, Dogecoin success depends on the community contributing. It will fail if people are finger pointing rather than doing. Success comes from doing.

And when we look at what he’s referring to a letter that he wrote to the Dogecoin community back a couple years ago when Dogecoin was first founded seven years ago. And what he said is that the reason he was making this post was because the community was growing very quickly. A lot of people were very excited about Dogecoin, the important parts of this and why it’s important that Elon Musk like this tweet is because he said,

The moment that people stop trying to participate in making and making positive things happen and start complaining that others need to do things for them is the moment a community starts to get sick when no one is trying to make things happen and everyone is complaining that others do those things for them, that’s when the community dies, let’s not make that happen.

And so that’s important because what it shows is that Elon Musk, he says that he likes this tweet and this indicates that he could be someone who is actually doing not finger pointing, not blaming other people for Dogecoin, not succeeding, but he is working actively to try and make it succeed.

We’ve seen SpaceX already announced that it does accept Dogecoin. We see the Dallas Mavericks. We see a lot of companies, a lot of billionaire tech entrepreneurs are accepting Dogecoin with their businesses. And this relates exactly to what the founder of Dogecoin said. He’s saying,

Look, stop finger pointing, start just doing working, developing, Dogecoin making it better. That’s the only way it’s going to succeed long term.

Is it a sign Elon Musk likes the tweet?

So it’s interesting to see that Elon Musk like this tweet, because is it a sign that he’s working on something in the background with it? Potentially? Is it a sign that he has talked with the developers on it? That’s a possibility as well.

We’re really seeing Dogecoin hold pretty strong. It’s in that number six position in terms of all coins, in terms of market cap, you can see number six. We are seeing Dogecoin price relatively stable. The important thing in my mind is that we are seeing Dogecoin stay between 30 and 40 cents per coin and we’ve been holding that for a couple of weeks now.

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