This Will Explain How Dogecoin will go over Forty Dollars!

dogecoin will go over forty dollars
Is it me or Dogecoin is getting crazier by the day?

Dogecoin, the meme based cryptocurrency, was created as a joke in 2013. The currency has made its way to the seventh spot on crypto rankings. Snoop Dogg, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos will be backing the meme cryptocurrency. On Friday, Dogecoin traded between 33 and 37 cents, rising by 2.8 percent. All indications seem to point to recovery and an 85 percent explosion might be on the cards. Doge has recovered some of its previous losses and expected Dogecoin will go over forty dollars.

Dogecoin will continue to trend higher

The acceptance across e-commerce and payment platforms such as will make the currency more mainstream. The price of Doge has risen from close to nothing before rising to 30 cents. The currency’s creators kept increasing the amount of the currency in circulation to keep the price down. Doge can be described as nothing more than one of the best examples of decentralized finance.

There is scope for a massive breakout in the price of Doge with a top down approach that could suggest a buying opportunity. But the currency has seen Doge trade in the 32 – 33 cents range since the 20th of July. Dogecoin will likely break into the 40 to 50 cent range in the coming months before trading steadily, if not properly. If Doge breaks the next key resistance level of 35 cents, we can begin to see how the currency will reach 40 cents in a month’s time.

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