Elon Musk Tweet Supporting Fee Change Proposal for Dogecoin

dogecoin fee change proposal
Road to $1…let’s rock n roll!

Dogecoin saw a pretty big uptick after Elon Musk tweeted supporting the fee change proposal for Dogecoin just earlier he came out. He came out and said, it’s important to support. And he replied this in a tweet about the Dogecoin fee change and how the fee change proposal is finally up.

Whenever Elon Musk talk anything related to Doge, everyone gets excited

So if we look on Reddit, someone posted about this, the fee change fee policy change proposal for Dogecoin, significantly making it more efficient, making it more easily, making it easier to scale up. And so that’s what Elon Musk says. We need to approve and go ahead and do so. He says everyone needs to vote on this matter and it’s important to support it. So it’s exciting.

Whenever we see Elon Musk talk about anything related to anything related to Dogecoin, everyone gets very excited, whether it’s just talking about Dogecoin meme or if it’s more has more substance behind it, like this one with the Dogecoin policy change.

Was the Dogecoin price right now up pretty significantly for the day?

It is really just following the market. It is up 16 percent, which is higher than most other crypto is. Bitcoin is only up 5 percent for the last 7 days, A Ethereum up 6 percent, but Dogecoin price is up 16 percent. And it still is holding its number six position pretty strong.

People had been getting worried for a while because he had not tweeted anything. He had not liked anything. It seemed like he wasn’t as it wasn’t talking about Dogecoin as much. But you got to remember, this is one of the smallest things on his plate right now.

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