dogecoin ethereum merger
Dogecoin, Vitalik Buterin’s best friend since the beginning

The idea of Ethereum working with Dogecoin is not in any way related to their token ether. We all know that the block chain on which either was created in Ethereum 2.0, the blockchain, is one of the most recognized networks that offer groundbreaking technology for the development of tokens.

The eventuality of Ethereum working with Dogecoin

Ethereum may benefit from this partnership, but it could lead to Dogecoin also rising and prospects and popularity among institutional investors. In addition, Dogecoin devs could find an excellent use for the interface of Ethereum and creating a distinct niche for Dogecoin, even on the Ethereum system.

Ethereum tokens make the whole block chain work and are needed to do anything on the theory and blockchain. For the moment, Ethereum initially used as a proof of stake system that is similar to those coins to approve transactions and maintain the blockchain.

A pretty symbiotic working relationship and prospect

However, Dogecoin still yields a low amount of energy, probably due to its low block size, and it could play out nicer if it gets on the proof of stake system of Ethereum. It means a bigger block size, faster transaction rates and even lower energy use by minors, despite increased transactions.

Ethereum also has a robust ecosystem that is one of the essential tools that decentralized finance devs have currently. And this could further enhance those coins applicability. Ethereum block chain is built to encourage third party development, new platforms that run on the network can significantly influence the price of Ethereum, tokens and transaction costs on the form.

Dogecoin is already significant in its own way and thus will bring something to the table for Ethereum as well. Therefore, this is a pretty symbiotic working relationship and prospect. We think Ethereum would kill to have crypto like Dogecoin.

Dream big with Dogecoin

Dogecoin has racked up more than 15 thousand percent and reached multiple all time highs since the year began. It could be riddled with new ideas for improvements in such an association with Ethereum. The price of Dogecoin has shown consolidating within a descending triangle pattern, and it’s poised for a breakout of that triangle with a price target of around forty four cents and fifty cents.

In the near term, this trade is very much in place. The target for the triangle is forty five cents, but it could move higher. The trading volume is just picking up once more, especially with the addition to Coinbase Pro. If the price hits five dollars in that time frame, it could pretty much start everything good for Dogecoin.

Dream big with Dogecoin, it is gathering momentum and we need to hodl on irrespective of what happens all around, the goal is not to earn a little cash, but if we can make millions from it, we will take that chance.

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