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Dogecoin Ethereum bridge developer, the live stream started at 10 a.m. U.K. time. There was Vitalik Buterin, Ross Nicoll, the interviewer, and Oscar Guinzberg.

When the bridge will finally be ready?

Oscar said that we have a list of things we have to create. There has to be a better U-I. So normal people who aren’t into coding can use it too. We also have to make it truly decentralized. So it’s going to take some work and we have to implement proper behavior. And then after that, we’ll work on all the small things for a formal release that will include fixing bugs and so on. Once it’s ready, we’ll release it. Oscar said that he will definitely keep everyone up to date on this. He’s probably going to tweet about it and will also add all the updates on the master repository. You can check it out here. It’s called Dogethereum on GitHub.

Do they want to make any official announcements about this?

The interviewer also asked them if they want to make any official announcements about this. Ross said that he’ll come out with another live call like this, but it won’t have Vitalik in it. Also, it’ll be a more technical deep dive with more in-depth and more high level discussions. And then the interviewer also said that she’ll host the next call with Mitchi Lumin, the head developer of Dogecoin. That’ll be about the Dogecoin board, what it is and what her role is going to be in it. I think they could also discuss the Dogecoin and Ethereum bridge on it.

Ross came back just to give us some more updates about it. He specified how the bridge will help. Basically, he said that the process for issuing bounty for Doge tips is a lot of work right now. If we change the keys, if we replace it, it’s going to become really good.

The biggest thing we have to keep in mind is that both the developers are working really hard every day to bring this bridge out for the people. They didn’t mention everything that this bridge will bring to the table. But there are some things we could guess based on the rumors. This bridge will allow you to have smart contracts, which will allow you to have staking. And this is incredible because smart contracts and staking means that you can actually get some interest on your Dogecoin holdings. This might just be the game changer for Doge that we’ve been waiting for.

MasterCard is launching its new crypto and blockchain program

While the Dogecoin Ethereum bridge is good news for DOGE holders, some another great news was that MasterCard is launching its new crypto and blockchain program. It says here that MasterCard is doing this to enable people like us to buy, spend and hold crypto easily. Basically, they’ll work with digital assets, blockchain and crypto companies for this. MasterCard has been engaging with the digital currency ecosystem since 2015. Part of our role is to forge the future of cryptocurrency, and we’re doing that by bridging mainstream financial principles with digital assets innovations.

More countries are becoming cautious about crypto

We have to consider the fact that more and more countries are becoming cautious about crypto. South Korea’s regulators have warned dozens of foreign exchanges to comply with new rules, basically oversees crypto exchanges will be blocked for good if they don’t comply with the new regulations. Also another country that is changing its stance on crypto. So Russia’s central bank is asking its stock exchanges to not list crypto listed firms. Basically, the central bank said that stocks issued by businesses whose operation is based on crypto market values, crypto tracking indices, crypto derivatives and crypto funds should not be listed on local exchanges.

Dogecoin price currently trading at 20.6 cents and went down by about 1.1 percent in the last 24 hours. So basically things are looking good for Doge after the Dogethereum bridge and the news from finance.

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