Dogecoin Is The Future Cryptocurrency Of Earth!!

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YOU ALL are the soul of DOGECOIN. Be proud of our community

Dogecoin has gone from being less than half of a penny to near 30 cents. But the best part is that Dogecoin is likely just getting started compared to what it’s capable of being. If you go and look at the market cap of cryptocurrency, you can see Dogecoin currently at 40.1 billion approximately.

You compare that to a Ethereum at 283 billion. Ethereum approximately seven times bigger in terms of market cap. And yet despite being seven times bigger, it is currently less than 50 percent. In terms of name recognition of where Dogecoin is. Bitcoin is 79 percent, Dogecoin for 9 percent.

The reason why it matters

The reason why it matters so much is because cryptocurrency is going to start to become more of a part of everyday life. It’s going to be almost required that you hold some cryptocurrency. You’re going to need to to go to some businesses or to interact with some friends or family monetarily.

Some people are just are only accepting this here or only accepting that there. So people will have to adapt to that and start investing in cryptocurrency. Right now, the general population, most of them, most people who are not looking in the news like this, subscribing to channels like this, they don’t necessarily see the value cryptocurrency has yet.

And a lot of them have a relatively negative opinion on it, least in comparison to traditional fiat currency. That’s going to change very fast as a cryptocurrency starts to be adopted, more and more people are going to buy into one of them.

Why is that so significant?

If everyone knows what Dogecoin is, then people are going to definitely include that in their portfolio. Most people will. Bitcoin and Dogecoin are going to be one and two in terms of new investors coming in looking for cryptocurrency options for long term investment, also for using that as an actual currency.

People starting to realize that’s actually a use case there beyond just Bitcoin being a good store value. Dogecoin is actually great for transactions, low transaction fees faster than Bitcoin and pretty much every single week Dogecoin is beating Bitcoin right now and Dogecoin is continuing to get better while Bitcoin, it still has a great amount of value as a store of value, but it’s necessarily getting better.

I like Bitcoin as it is. Ethereum appeals to me. If you’re looking at Dogecoin as a potential long-term opportunity, I believe people will begin to realize its immense value. We’ll have a lot of fun watching Dogecoin hopefully become the world’s cryptocurrency.

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