Some Interesting Dogecoin and Crypto News Today!

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TO ALL THAT HELD!! Doge going up bo!

Cathie Wood,  is a founder, CEO and CIO of Ark Invest. She did something recently that suggest that we’re going to see a huge Dogecoin and Bitcoin spike pretty soon. Cathie Wood has invested more than a billion dollars in Coinbase now before I tell you why this is really bullish for Dogecoin. Cathie Wood is really bullish on Coinbase and her investments are incredibly reliable.

Dogecoin price is directly affected by Bitcoin

So not only Cathie Wood is bullish on Coinbase, she’s also bullish on Bitcoin. The point is that someone as smart as her knows where the market is going right now. And this is why she’s busy accumulating. On top of that, Dogecoin price is directly affected by Bitcoin, as we’ve seen before.

Dogecoin price, it is up by around 20 percent and currently stands at 23 cents. This is really interesting because Ethereum and Bitcoin didn’t see a surge this big in the last 24 hours. And this is why I’m really optimistic about where it’s headed. Less than two percent of the world’s population invest in crypto currencies. And with news like this, I can see the number rise pretty soon.

Dogecoin and Crypto news today

Some really interesting Dogecoin and crypto news that came out today. Chinese Bitcoin mining company delivered first batch of 320 machines to Kazakhstan after its operations in China were suspended. Nigeria’s minister of communications and digital economy is going to push the acceptance of crypto in Nigeria.

Canada’s only regulated crypto firm to date, is now allowed to go beyond dealing in Bitcoin and ether. Energy electronics has started to accept Bitcoin and Dogecoin. India is thinking about a new crypto tax, which could make trading on foreign exchanges more expensive. Now, this is interesting because after this, they won’t really be thinking about banning crypto trading.

Now, another great news that came out for crypto was that the Federal Reserve is still in denial about the rising inflation rates. The chairman of the Federal Reserve said that they will wait for actual inflation before raising interest rates. This is great news for Dogecoin and cryptocurrency.

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