My Dogecoin Community!! Be Patient, Do Our Research and Understand The Market

dogecoin community
The community is coming alive!!

When everybody’s been fearful, when everyone’s talking about manipulation going. We’ve been talking every single day how this is a power on the table opportunity. This is a massive accumulation zone. This is a great time to be greedy in this market and to accumulate to dollar cost averaging down or the dollar cost averaging.

There’s so much consistent coming with the entire crypto market

I believe in five years from now we’re going to be looking at these prices. Because I believe there’s so much upside. There’s so much consistent coming with the entire crypto market. And like we saw today, not only have we seen in the second country step up and start talking about making Bitcoin is legal tender.

That’s mainstream adoption, coming with a flashlight to the entire crypto space. As we continue to see more money, more financial money come into this market, we’re going to see more extreme volatility.

Research, patience and diversify

You just have to be patient in this market. This is why we do our research. This is why we have our conviction for days like this when everybody else is fearful, when everyone else has paper hands, we have the conviction. We have those diamond hands. We understand what we’re investing in. And we’re in this for the long run.

If you’re so focused on the day to day price action, you’re going to miss on the big picture and you’re going to miss the opportunity to change your life financially and possibly make generation of wealth. This is not going to happen overnight. But what we’re seeing is the power of the people.

How massive the Dogecoin community is

We’re seeing how massive the Dogecoin community is, because while the Bitcoin price started to fluctuate, it wasn’t really driving stable. What came out? Dogecoin came out as a community. We are trending on Twitter. We’re doing amazing things. We’re showing the power that those coins ready to stand up to this mark and say, look, we’re going to fight back. We’re not going to go down without a fight.

And that’s exactly what’s shaping up right now. And when the Dogecoin community really comes together, unite how bullish and how great that can be. We’re reflecting this price action. I believe July is going to be a massive month for the entire crypto market. And over the last couple of months we went from an all time high as the overall market with Bitcoin touching 64000 to coming down to 28500 and the course of two months.

As a Dogecoin community, we are doing amazing things

So understand how fast the market can flip to being back to bullish and we could be chasing all time highs before you know it. That’s why you have to be patient. That’s why you have to understand the market. Every single day we’re reading about more and more mainstream adoption.

We’re reading about the financial markets starting to understand that cryptocurrency is a better development, a better system to change the social and economic future of the entire world. We’re going to see cryptocurrency change the landscape of everything that we’re used to in this world. But the Dogecoin community, what we’re doing right now, we’re let’s take a look at Dogecoin price. But what we have done, is absolutely amazing.

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