Dogecoin is Launching on Coinbase Pro !!

dogecoin coinbase pro
$$$$$ coinbase pro!!

Dogecoin is launching on Coinbase Pro. Starting today you can deposit Doge into the new Dogecoin wallet, but it’s not available for trading yet.

How is it works?

So how is it works? They allow users to deposit so they have enough liquidity. And If things go expectedly meaning they have enough liquidity, then they will open up trading June 3rd, which is this Thursday. So as soon as June 3rd, as soon as Thursday, you’ll be able to trade Dogecoin on Coinbase Pro. Now, if you’re confused, Coinbase Pro on Coinbase are two separate products, Coinbase pro, more like the pro trading aspect of Coinbase.

It takes about two to four weeks before Dogecoin moves from the new wallet to the regular one, so that will probably come maybe end of June and early July. But once that happens, that’s going to bring a whole lot of money, a whole lots of money into Dogecoin. Because we know that Coinbase is absolutely huge.

Coinbase listing could jump start things once again. And today you see that Doge rally up slightly, slightly around 3 percent. They are still sitting at 43, almost 44 billion market cap. As soon as this Thursday, you can start trading on Coinbase Pro. Later this month, probably towards the end of the month, Dogecoin will be available on regular.

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