Finally!! Dogecoin Coinbase Listing is Happening!! The NEWS We’ve All Been Waiting For

dogecoin coinbase listing
This is cool.. Coinbase to add Dogecoin in the next 6-8 weeks.

Dogecoin is being added to the popular online payment system. Dogecoin Coinbase listing is confirmed. We are having that impact, that reach that we want to have. Coinbase says it will add Dogecoin for transactions in the next six to eight weeks. Coinbase making some moves, their revenue up a decent amount.

The Coinbase system can become valuable for Dogecoin

More than tripled from the last quarter as crypto prices have skyrocketed. So Coinbase is doing really well right now. But this is what we’ve seen with Dogecoin going up a decent amount after this announcement. Nothing too crazy, but I think a lot of that spike is still yet to come. But here’s where it really starts to get important.

As you look a few weeks out, a few months out, that’s where the Coinbase system can really become extremely valuable for Dogecoin. You can see Cardano going up a ton. A lot of that is because it’s added on Coinbase. Coinbase is such a crucial part of a cryptocurrency becoming the top one if it wants to do that. And Dogecoin, of course, wants to be at that top spot. We all know is it inevitable Dogecoin going to number one?

Dogecoin spikes will go way higher

This certainly helps the case here with Dogecoin. We could potentially see a ninety one percent increase from the Coinbase listing in the months following this announcement right here in the months following its listing. We could potentially see a ninety one percent increase from Dogecoin listing in the months following this announcement.

So many more people have the ability to buy Dogecoin. We do know a lot of big things could be coming. When Elon Musk tweets in the future about Dogecoin, you’re going to have to see those spikes go way higher with so many more people having access to it. This is huge.

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