The Best Dogecoin Chart Tracker You Can Use for Free

From Making Memes to Making Money: Why Should You Track Dogecoin?

It seems like Dogecoin is everywhere these days. Memes of the digital currency’s Shiba Inu inspired mascot have flooded users feeds around the world, causing prices of the digital coin to spike. This is thanks largely in no small part to content created by the third most active cryptocurrency community on Redditr/dogecoin. The cryptocurrency is unique in the passion and breadth of its community, many of whom obsessively monitor Dogecoin price charts, news and predictions.

And it should come as little surprise that Dogecoin, as one of the hottest cryptocurrencies in the world, has attracted serious attention from the financial world as well. With its recent increases in price and popularity, Dogecoin is even getting shout outs from titans of business, like Tesla Motors CEO, Elon Musk. In fact, Musk has been one of Dogecoin’s biggest boosters, saying he will put a literal Dogecoin on the Moon, in a recent tweet. The famously verbose Musk has even said that he believes the digital coin has special protection by way of a “meme shield”, which represents the strong commitment the community has to Dogecoin and helps provide a more stable baseline.

Now that we know why Dogecoin is worth keeping track of, I’d like to share the best Dogecoin chart that I’ve found and it’s one that you too can use to track your Dogecoin holdings. This Dogecoin live chart is provided free of charge by Dogecointube and is a useful tool for anyone hoping for an easy-to-use Dogecoin to USD chart.

4 Benefits of Using the Right Dogecoin Tracker

But why would you want to use a Dogecoin value chart? Well, there are quite a few reasons why you might want to use a Dogecoin tracker, below are just a few.

  1. A Dogecoin chart, like this one, can provide an accurate live price, which assures the holder of the most up to date valuation for their Doge holdings.
  2. Using an independent tracker can keep you from having to input sensitive financial data in order to check your crypto portfolio. This can be useful for when you are unsure of the security of your internet connection.
  3. Furthermore, a web-based tracker can be useful as it can be kept open as a tab in your browser for quick reference.
  4. The last benefit of using an independent tracker like Dogecointube’s live value tracker is the price, free to the consumer, and the underlying website is filled with great Dogecoin news and analysis.

Using Dogecointube’s Dogecoin Price Chart

The Dogecoin price tracker available on Dogecointube’s website has an easy-to-use interface that will be recognizable to those familiar with a conventional stock price chart.

The price change can be displayed over time periods ranging from the last day, the last week, the past six months, the past year or Dogecoin’s all-time pricing history.

Pricing data is displayed along the x-axis as distinct bars that represent the price range over your specific time period. The bars are colored either green or red, to represent either a positive net movement or a negative price shift, during each bars time period respectively.

The left side of the y-axis is the volume of Dogecoin traded, which is further graphically illustrated using shadowed grey bars. The right side of the y-axis is the price of Dogecoin.

Below the bar chart is a handy conversion of Dogecoin into USD that updates when the page is refreshed. For more in depth utility, try out Dogecointube’s Dogecoin Price and Dogecoin Converter tools.

But beneath the simple interface is a treasure trove of data for those that care to get advanced with their Dogecoin tracking. For example, hovering over a section of the bar chart can reveal information such as the high and low prices during a specific time period. Further, you can also see what the price of Dogecoin was at the opening and closing of this time as well.

Bottom Line: Use a Dogecoin Live Chart

By now you most likely have come to agree, a Dogecoin tracker is a useful tool for anyone holding Dogecoin. And the best part is you don’t need to be a billionaire to use one. You simply need to find a reputable free option, like Dogecointube’s price tracking chart, that can provide you with the information that you need to make informed investment decisions.

But what do you think? Is a Dogecoin tracker something you have used before, or were you completely unfamiliar with the concept beforehand? Be sure to sound off with a comment below, and, in the meantime, keep up with Dogecointube for everything from the basics of Dogecoin, to the very latest on predictions for the cryptocurrency that you need to know now.

Thank you for reading!

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