Dogecoin and Crypto Breaking News!!

dogecoin breaking news
Doge is dead?? Never 😎

We have some amazing catalysts that are going to be happening this week for crypto currencies. Paraguay is going to make Bitcoin their legal tender potentially. Bitcoin in El Salvador and a bunch of other countries are on the way to adopt Bitcoin as their legal tender, because most of the people in these countries.

They don’t have good bank accounts and the currencies of those countries are pretty much not good at all since there’s no way to store your money that will be safe. So they use Bitcoin because Bitcoin is a good storage of value. It is the best assets over the last 10 years.

How is it going to affect Dogecoin?

We see Dogecoin price a lot of the time is following the price of Bitcoin. So we definitely as Dogecoin holders, as all coin holders, we need Bitcoin to definitely pop. China is cracking down on crypto because they’ve come out with their own cryptocurrency, that they are trying to get people to jump on and to jump on that board.

So they are doing everything they can to make the other competing cryptocurrency, which will always be better than their cryptocurrency, to force people to buy their crypto so that their crypto will do well.

Will this stop the pop of Dogecoin?

We don’t think so. We have a lot of very good catalysts in store for Dogecoin this coming year. Dogecoin smart contracts most likely happening this year. We also have the Robinhood wallet. This is going to be a very huge thing for Dogecoin and cryptocurrency as well. It’s going to bring billions of dollars into the crypto market once Robinhood can get their wallet set. Robinhood is a very easy to go platform, especially people who are new to investing.

We have Tesla is going to come out and accept Bitcoin and Dogecoin. And Elon Musk is just waiting for confirmation of the miners to prove that they are 50 percent more energy efficient. We have the Doge-1 rocket. Elon Musk is going to be launching a rocket called the Doge-1 to the moon. It’s going to be the first cryptocurrency and the first meme coin in space.

How do you think Dogecoin is going to?

Dogecoin will definitely start to be pumping, moving a little bit, starting to recover strongly at that point. The aspect in understanding that crypto currencies are going to continue as they did. And enter into the second bull run which pretty much everybody believes is going to happen. Crypto is always entered into bull runs after bear markets.

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