DOGE is the only cryptocurrency that has a Shiba Inu shouting Moon!

dogecoin bounce
What’s coming to Dogecoin in few weeks and few months. $1 this JUNE or JULY $5 end of the year, 2022 $8! Lets go!!!!!

The entire crypto market is falling. We did not see a huge crash, no, we’ve seen a retracement, a little bit of correction, which is normal after a big green day like we had yesterday. But our crypto is going to go back down and double bottom is Dogecoin going to go down to the low that we had the other day. Is it going to continue to crash?

The crypto market is falling because of market manipulation

Donald Trump says, The crypto market is falling because of market manipulation, big money. US retail investors are the weaker link here because we only have thousands, but they have billions. They can sell and cause the market to go down, and they have hundreds of billions to move markets.

How high do you think it’s going to go this time?

We all wish you would go straight up, go to 50 dollars. But that is not realistic. That is not how anything works. Retail investors are causing panic in the market because they’re not selling all of their cryptocurrency, They sell only a portion to make it go down. And then they buy these dips they are buying right now. They’re buying Bitcoin, they’re buying Dogecoin. They know the true value of these cryptocurrency and where they will be in the future.

Most of the time you will always win when you buy the bottoms, when you have cash to buy these bottoms Dogecoin is down 50 percent and that continues to lower, which is good because eventually we are going to bottom out. We could be in a week of consolidation, whether there’s ups and downs or more so trading sideways, still continuing to slowly head up until next Friday.

And when this happens, Dogecoin will rocket. There will be so much hype in the market at that point. Doge will probably be double or triple what it is right now. It’ll be very similar to Saturday Night Live. The market will bottom out, maybe not go down any further, but we’re going to stop going down. Get ready because these prices for Dogecoin are extremely cheap. We must look towards the long term.

It’s not over with for cryptocurrency, this is just the beginning

The Dogecoin chart we are seeing a strong recovery here, look at the lows, keep getting higher. Look, here’s the low like I just showed you. Here’s a low, here’s the low. So any minute we can probably bounce up and start to create a new high because we do have that level of resistance that I showed you guys that we must break.

That level of resistance will be 43 cents. And if we do break 43 cents, we will be headed up and we will be pumping. Elon Musk and sent another tweet getting out this area. This is this level of support that we have. Dogecoin could break down to near 21 cents, which would be a very strong level of support.

So just keep that in mind. We can easily recover and go back to 73 cents. We can easily recover with good news. A bunch of good catalysts break past one dollar. Remember, it is not over with for cryptocurrency, this is just the beginning.

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