5 Reasons Why Dogecoin Is Better Than Ethereum

dogecoin better than ethereum
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Cryptocurrency in general is a decentralized world of digital currencies that are protected by cryptography. Most of the popular cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum, are based on blockchain technology and a community of miners to validate transactions and mint new tokens and earn rewards.

Why Dogecoin is far better than Ethereum based on ground facts

In the last few months, both Dogecoin and Ethereum prices skyrocketed. Let’s talk about the difference between Dogecoin and Ethereum. Ethereum is a popular cryptocurrency because of its smart contract support and limited supply while on the other side.

Dogecoin is popular because of its cheap price, high transaction speed, low fees and efficiency, and known as the currency of earth that people really spend on buying stuff instead of holding.

Why Dogecoin is named the new currency of Earth?

Ethereum supports smart contracts. That’s why Ethereum is so popular among investors and the developers. But because of high gas fees and slow transaction processing speed, Ethereum of network is becoming unusable for both investors and developers.

There are also rumors that Doge smart contracts are also coming. If it happens, Doge network will be the best choice for both investors and developers to use instead of other Ethereum alternatives. Because Dogecoin offers fast transactions at minimal cost and has a cheap price that attracts both dogecoin whales and low budget investors to invest in Dogecoin.

Why Doge inflationary behavior is the strength of Dogecoin?

Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrency were created for only one purpose, and that was to replace Fiat with cryptocurrency. Ethereum, Bitcoin and others failed to replace Fiat currency because of their deflationary nature. Ethereum, Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrency have high prices, which are making them untouchable for low budget investors. And high transaction fees and low transaction speed are making it tough for investors to use them instead of Fiat currency.

Dogecoin has the potential to replace Fiat currency because Doge has all those qualities that Fiat currency has. Doge has an unlimited supply like Fiat currency, it also offers fast transactions as compared to Fiat currency at minimal transaction fees. This is one of the reasons why many businesses started accepting Dogecoin as a payment option. There are also rumors that Amazon will list Dogecoin as a payment.

Why do people use Dogecoin for purchasing goods and services instead of Ethereum?

Ethereum is only capable of processing 10 to 20 transactions per second, and in recent months, Ethereum of transaction fees skyrocketed and almost went to 200 dollars, which is making a huge impact on Ethereum and the whole Ethereum ecosystem because of high transaction fees and low transaction speed.

Dogecoin is capable of processing more than 70 transactions per second and is almost three times faster than Ethereum. Not only this, because of unlimited supply and cheap price, Dogecoin transaction fees are less than one dollar. In other words, the Dogecoin per transaction fee is almost 200 times less than the Ethereum network. This is the reason why everyone calls Dogecoin as the currency of Earth that people really use for transactions, purchasing goods and services instead of other cryptocurrency like Ethereum.

Why Dogecoin is better investment than Ethereum

Now let’s take a look at Dogecoin progress and compare it with Ethereum. Ethereum currently ranks as number 2 in the aspect of market cap. Ethereum has a market cap of around three hundred three billion dollars, and the current price of Ethereum is around twenty five hundred to twenty nine hundred dollars. Ethereum is up almost 1000 percent in the last one year.

That means that if someone invested one hundred dollars last year in Ethereum now his or her one hundred dollar Ethereum investment value is almost 700 dollars. That’s a good profit. But in our opinion, it’s not as much to make someone rich or a billionaire.

Dogecoin currently ranks number seven in the aspect of market cap. Dogecoin has currently a market cap of around 42 billion dollars, and the current price of Dogecoin is around 31 to 36 cents. Dogecoin is almost 20.000 percent up in the last one year.

That means that if someone invested one hundred dollars last year in Dogecoin, now here’s one hundred dollar Dogecoin investment value is almost eleven thousand eight hundred fifty one dollars and eighty five cents. This is almost 150 times more profit than Ethereum. That’s why we say Dogecoin is a far better investment than Ethereum. Your one hundred to two hundred dollar investment in Dogecoin can make you rich and even a future millionaire.

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