Dogecoin AXE Body Spray Is REAL!!

dogecoin Axe body spray
We’re going to the moon, in this can you’ll find the crypto-confidence you need to get there

Axe is releasing a Dogecoin themed body spray. It is actually happening and the release of it is today. I don’t know if the Axe body spray is going to be the catalyst for that. But I just thought it was funny that this is really happening. Basically, this is a limited run.

Axe’s Dogecan

And I’ve got a quick article pulled up here on Coin Telegraph. Axe is set to drop a limited run of a free Dogecoin-themed body spray dubbed “Dogecan,” which is described as exhibiting a “dank musk.” Popular male grooming product manufacturer Axe is set to launch a limited run of Dogecoin-themed body spray dubbed “Dogecan.”

Axe’s Dogecans will be given out for free, with consumers encouraged to register on the firm’s website for a chance to receive a can. However, the marketing campaign appears to be unavailable to Dogecoin fanatics outside of the United States.

The marketing campaign was first teased back in April around Doge Day, with Axe asserting that it would produce a “crypto scented” body spray should DOGE surpass $1. Despite DOGE never hitting the $1 mark, the firm has gone ahead with producing the body spray, describing the product as having a “dank musk.” The deodorant’s packing includes a card that reads:

We’re going to the moon, in this can you’ll find the crypto-confidence you need to get there

On their Twitter page @AXE, they posted the vibes about it. It says,

vibes for tm #dogecan 07.20.21

If you wanted to check out the Twitter page for you could do that. And I just want to do close up look at how ridiculous this is. So, yeah, this is really happening. It’s cool that they decided to go with Dogecoin, not other cryptocurrency.


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