Dogecoin Has Two Big Announcements That Came Out Within The Last Couple of Days

dogecoin announcement today
It’s coming.. It’s coming

Dogecoin has two big announcements that came out within the last couple of days. The first is what is going on with the US government, congressman, congresswoman, who are actually buying Dogecoin. The second thing going on with Dogecoin right now is what’s going on with Robinhood.

US Government buy Dogecoin

US congressman came out, bought Dogecoin, Ethereum and Cardano amid the rising prices of crypto amid what’s been going on recently. This is important because what we saw is Alabama Congressman Barry Moore has purchased a range of cryptocurrency in recent months. So just the other day, he revealed that he was investing in those three Ethereum Cardano and Dogecoin.

He had said that he had bought a lot of Ethereum in May, some Cardano in May, and then recently on June 13th, he said he bought Dogecoin. So this is exciting to see because everyone in government seems to seems to blow off crypto seems to blow off like mean coins. They seem to hate that. But it’s interesting to see that a congressman is actually purchasing crypto and not just purchasing Bitcoin.

We want to see people who are voting on laws and passing new legislation that actively own crypto because then that’s going to help the entire crypto world. If there’s laws being passed that are helping crypto in the US, that’s going to help everyone who already owns it.

What’s going on with Robinhood

Mark Cuban has come out in the past and said the biggest thing holding back Dogecoin right now is that and crypto is that Robinhood doesn’t offer a digital wallet, meaning that if you have crypto and Robinhood, you can’t buy stuff on any you can’t go to a store and buy stuff. You can’t buy stuff online. You’re stuck with all your money in Robinhood and there’s nothing wrong with it. But you can’t use your crypto to go and buy at other places, so that’s a problem.

But now that we see all these numbers coming out on Robinhood, on their crypto business, specifically with Dogecoin, with Bitcoin, now that we’re seeing how big and how much money it actually makes up of their business, they’re going to want to make their crypto offerings, crypto trading, crypto digital wallets. They’re going to want to make their crypto business as good as possible.

So Robinhood continuing to say how they’re making a lot of money from crypto, is going to push them into offering more products, get their digital wallet out and push zero emission trading in the crypto world, which is going to make it more appealing to people, not just people who invest in crypto now, but to everyone.

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