TOMORROW!! Dogecoin and Ethereum Event! Don’t Miss It!

dogecoin and ethereum event
Anyone else excited for this?

Tomorrow July 28 is going to be a massive day for Dogecoin and Ethereum, Ethereum developers are getting with Dogecoin developers. They are streaming live in just a few hours, 5:00 a.m. Eastern time. If you are in the UK, we’re going to catch it right in the morning at 10:00 a.m. And they’re going to be talking about how Ethereum is going to be working together with Dogecoin.

What are they trying to do?

What they’re actually wanting to do is they’re wanting to use the utility of Ethereum. One hundred other crypto currencies can do a whole bunch of things. What they’re trying to do is they’re trying to work it so you can stake Dogecoin on Ethereum. That’s what this Doge and Ethereum bridge is going to do among a bunch of other things. They’re also do that you can get NFT and new smart contracts on Ethereum. This will enable users to trade wrapped Dogecoin with very low transaction fees at high speed.

They’re also working on creating real life uses for Dogecoin protocol. So that those can be used in real life situations on a normalized basis, like we’re seeing the Burger King in Brazil, you can buy food, the dog food with Dogecoin in the future. And there’s thousands of other retailers. You can buy things with Dogecoin, but they want to make it as they’re developing it right now to make Dogecoin faster.

They’re working on a fee reduction code to make the fees pretty much almost zero. So there’s a lot of things to make Dogecoin a very strong use case in the future for real life uses that. That’s one thing that Dogecoin has going for it other than Bitcoin, which is the storage of value, a store of value, it grows in value. But to send Bitcoin to buy things with Bitcoin can be very expensive with gas fees and all different types of things.

They’re working on it now for this update that’s coming August 4th to make those gas fees reduced. But Dogecoin has a very strong competitive edge in this space for transactional uses, among other things. So I think in the future, as we can see, that some of the things that they’re working with the Doge, they want to make this use case even stronger to secure Dogecoin, one of the top cryptos in the world, potentially number two or three crypto in the world. Vitalik Buterin, the founder and creator of Ethereum, says he thinks that Dogecoin will potentially be the number two or three crypto and the future to come. So we have a lot of stuff happening tomorrow and then we have August 4th.

This is definitely going to be extremely awesome event. There’s probably going to come out a lot of very good press regarding this, about further developments of Dogecoin and crypto currencies. And I assure you, most likely Elon will come and say something about it, I’m sure. Who knows?

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