DOGECOIN & CRYPTO : The Market Is About to Return to Change For the Better

dogecoin and crypto update
YES is the answer… this is huge .. Musk who is one of the best entrepreneurs on this planet thinks doge will overcome the GLOBAL(!!!) financial system ..

Dogecoin and the crypto market is moving up very strongly, is very bullish, and the entire market is moving up, things are under way or Dogecoin in crypto currencies. Do you think that a couple of days ago when we had that big dump, was that the bottom or do you think we’re going to see another bottom before the board takes off?

So we have a lot of very good news and very important information to cover about Dogecoin and cryptocurrency. It’s amazing to see that cryptos are finally starting to recover because they were bleeding out, just getting beaten down. The market is about to return to change for the better. So we’re seeing an amazing opportunity in the market right now.

Dogecoin has a lot of backing by a lot of very important people

Elon Musk, he had a reply to this guy’s tweet. This one guy says do you still agree on this? And he was asking about the Dogecoin standard overtaking the global financial system. And Elon Musk says, is the pope Catholic? The pope is 100 percent Catholic. And Elon Musk says one hundred percent without any certainty of doubt. He agrees that Dogecoin will overtake potentially a global financial system, which means in the future, he sees cryptocurrency, this cryptocurrency Dogecoin being one of the top cryptos in the entire world, especially as in the years to come. Because Dogecoin has a lot of backing by a lot of very important people. And it’s being developed to become one of the best crypto currencies in the world.

Crypto are in an uptrend

Finally, Bitcoin in the whole crypto market broke out of this downward channel, this downtrend. Look at how steep that thing was. And we have are forming a very positive sign of recovery, seeing this inverse head and shoulders, which is playing out right now. Bitcoin could break out in the next week all the way to forty thousand dollars. And if Bitcoin continues from there, we break the resistance.

Dogecoin and Ethereum for Dogecoin developers

We also must understand there’s really a big catalyst for Dogecoin and Ethereum this week in four days or if it’ll be giants having that live stream with some of the Dogecoin developers. Dogecoin actually moved a significant amount yesterday and today. But Dogecoin isn’t moving that much because we pump the other day pretty significantly. But just wait. Dogecoin will catch up. Dogecoin will. And we always see Dogecoin always outperform the market.



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