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Dogecoin and AMC, both are memes and also both have pretty much similar history. Both AMC and Dogecoin price skyrocketed from the short term and now both are in the dip. Luckily, after a few good news and the crypto market bounced back.

Now both AMC and Doge prices are moving upward slowly but continuously. If AMC started accepting Doge, it would be better for both AMC and also for Doge in general. Elon Musk also supported and even he likes the recent Steven Steele tweet where he said AMC should accept Doge. Now, Elon Musk and the whole Doge community is demanding and the handshake AMC Doge is a top trend all over the social media networks.

AMC Accepts Bitcoin. It’s the first step and good news for crypto community

After the community man Adam Aaron, the CEO of AMC theaters, shared good news for the crypto community on 11th of August 2021, Adam Aaron tweeted and said.

AMC announced on Monday that by year end we will have the technology in place to use Apple Pay and Google Pay in our online ticketing, and in a breakthrough, we also expect by year end to accept payment online in Bitcoin. That’s a historic step for AMC.
He also added, I have recently learned much about the cyber security of crypto currency, due to my Centricus Board seat. (Next month, Centricus is expected to acquire Arquit, a leader in quantum encryption. Arquit has tech to protect blockchain from quantum computer attacks.)
If it remains safe and reliable to use, it will assume that the crypto will get even more important in the future years. AMC is pleased to get out in front by pledging to accept payment online in Bitcoin. It’s the first step and a good one.
We can expect an AMC Doge acceptance announcement from Adam Aaron, CEO of AMC Theaters, very soon or maybe in the next few days as more and more people influencers are joining AMC Doge hashtag and pressuring AMC to accept Doge just like all businesses, we believe AMC theaters also respect their customers demands and narrative.

More people spend their Doge than any other crypto

Dogecoin is faster and cheaper to transact with. Also, Doge fits the ethos of AMC as a meme asset. And Doge is meant to be a currency that people actually spend instead of holding. And also mean combination can bring together the AMC and Doge community and it happens to achieve any goal for both would be pretty much easy regarding AMC decision to accept BTC as a payment option.
And that’s the reason why instead of spending most of the people whole Bitcoin just like gold, we believe as soon as AMC will announce that they will accept Doge as a payment option along with BTC acceptance by the end of this year as a community is demanding for it.
August will be a great month for Doge and also for the whole crypto market in general. And now you can see the whole market is recovering and the Doge price spiked 40 percent in the last one week.
And if it’s the right time to buy as many Doge as you can because in our opinion will not see such a low Dogecoin price in the future. According to our expert analysis, if we predict Doge price based on its past record, Doge has the potential to reach one dollar by the end of this year.
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