Does Dogecoin Have A Future?

In 2013, crypto enthusiasts created Doge crypto. First, it was a meme project with a cute doggie on the coin. Actually, that’s why the coin was called Dogecoin. However, the project became popular, especially after Elon Musk paid attention to it, giving this meme asset much publicity. As a result, the coin’s rate raised for a while. Let’s see what’s in the core of Doge crypto.

We all know that limitation on coins emission affects their price. If the emission is limited (like with BTC), it creates a limited market proposition, which helps maintain the asset’s liquidity.

When it comes to Dogecoin, we can see the emission is unlimited. The total number of coins issued has already reached 130 billion.

As we mentioned above, when Elon Musk paid attention to the project, its price increased from 0.01 cents to 70 cents, then dropped again. Now the pair DOGE USDT is traded at $0.061.

Where Can I Buy Doge?

This asset is traded on probably all large crypto platforms. Due to its high popularity, the asset has found use on Twitter – people thank each other for quality content with Dogecoins. Again, thanks to Elon Musk, the asset made it to the top cryptos rankings. 

We recommend buying cryptocurrency on credible platforms such as:

  • WhiteBIT
  • Binance
  • Coinbase

These services allow even purchasing cryptos with fiat currencies and vice versa – convert digital assets to fiat and withdraw. To buy Dogecoin with fiat, you will need to pass verification and registration. Then create an account, add your bank card and deposit the number of dollars or euros you want to spend on buying the asset. Click “Trade” and fill the blocks with the information, pay the fee and receive your Dogecoin  to your wallet.

The exchanges we have listed above offer comprehensive information on the market and Dogecoin charts – you can see how the asset’s rate changed during different periods and how it is traded with other crypto coins. We don’t dare say that Dogecoin is a promising asset, but it is definitely popular, and its price depends on external events and news background.

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