Devoted XRP Enthusiast Promises to Purchase Tesla’s Cybertruck Following Elon Musk’s Recent Twitter Announcement

Elon Musk’s recent tweet endorsing Tesla’s Cybertruck has attracted attention and garnered comments from various Twitter users. Some crypto-themed accounts, including those related to DOGE and XRP, also responded to Musk’s tweet. One XRP fan jokingly stated that they would buy a Cybertruck once Tesla starts accepting XRP as payment.

While Tesla briefly accepted Bitcoin earlier this year, Musk reversed this decision due to concerns about Bitcoin miners’ impact on the environment. He stated that Tesla would resume accepting Bitcoin once it becomes more reliant on renewable energy sources. However, Tesla has not yet reintroduced Bitcoin payments. On the other hand, Tesla does accept Dogecoin as payment for merchandise in their online stores, which aligns with Musk’s affinity for the cryptocurrency.

XRP fans have been attempting to catch Musk’s attention, but he continues to show a preference for Dogecoin in his tweets. Musk’s references to “dogs” are often associated with Dogecoin by the DOGE community. In fact, Musk referred to himself as “The DogeFather” in a tweet and discussed Dogecoin during his appearance on Saturday Night Live, which caused DOGE’s price to reach an all-time high in May 2021. However, the current price of DOGE is significantly lower than that peak level.

While Musk’s tweets and endorsements have had an impact on certain cryptocurrencies, his recent tweet about the Cybertruck primarily generated excitement among Twitter users. The response from various crypto accounts, including those related to DOGE and XRP, demonstrates the continued influence that Musk holds in the crypto space. However, it remains to be seen whether Tesla will eventually accept XRP as a form of payment as requested by the XRP fan.

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