cuba to accept doge and crypto
Cuba set to recognize and regulate cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are continuing to push higher. Cardano is killing it right now, hitting a high of two dollars. Dogecoin price almost 30 cents. We have a lot of very important information that is pushing not only cryptocurrency is up, but the entire stock market as well.

Cuba set to recognize and regulate crypto currencies

The Cuban government is reportedly planning to recognize and regulate crypto currencies or payments, according to a Caribbean National Central Bank. They will establish rules for mainstreaming cryptocurrency transactions. Cuban authorities are also expected to distribute relevant licenses to business based on the crypto related services provide.

Some sources claim that the move to allow cryptocurrency as legal tender has been well received by Cuba’s high tech savvy population. So struggling economies such as El Salvador have also started mainstreaming Bitcoin adoption. So these people are inspired by El Salvador’s move to make Bitcoin their legal currency, their legal tender. And it looks like Cuba is on their way to do this. So they don’t want to be accepting the US dollar anymore.

Cryptocurrency is the best assets in the entire world

But why is that? The country had to stop accepting cash bank deposits  in U.S. dollars due to tighter restrictions set by former U.S President Donald Trump. The U.S. dollar is collapsing. The inflation rate is out of control. They want to receive cryptocurrency because they’re the best assets that I appreciate over anything in the entire world. There’s no asset class that can perform better than Dogecoin.

There’s no asset class that can perform consistently better than Ethereum, better than Bitcoin, better than some of the best crypto. Not gold, not real estate, not anything else. Dogecoin is the fastest and the cheapest, and Doge will be there very soon as the developers are working very hard right this very moment to make sure that there’s Dogecoin fee reduction code that’s going to reduce the fees by one thousand times.


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