Crypto Mining Car!! Daymak Spiritus Mines DOGE and BTC

daymak spiritus
Crypto mining car? Daymak Spiritus Mines DOGE and BTC

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that his company would not be accepting bitcoin as a means of payment for their vehicles. This news shocked many crypto enthusiasts, especially as Musk was seen as a type of institutional patron of cryptocurrencies. However, recent news suggests that a competitor company now is taking a step further. In fact, quite a few steps further.

Daymak Spiritus, First Electric Car to Mine Cryptocurrency

The company has created an electric vehicle with properties that allow users to mine cryptocurrencies. Yes, mine cryptocurrencies. The announcement was made by Daymak Avvenire, a Canadian manufacturer of electric vehicles. According to Aldo Baiocchi, Daymak CEO, a company started in his garage 20 years ago. Initially, the company produced scooters and e-bikes despite the fact that they were still not legal in Canada.

But in 2011, the Canadian government passed new laws with a more comprehensive approach to the e-bikes, which boosted the company is confidence and profitability. Now in 2021, Daymak is currently the country’s largest distributor of electric vehicles in Canada, including everything from e-bikes to flying electric vehicles.

Nebula Miner an unique technology that will help their owners to make money while their cars are parked

And now adding to the list is spiritus awaited to hit the market in 2023 Daymak Spiritus will be a three wheeled, two seated electric vehicle equipped with the unique technology called Nebula Miner. This set of mechanisms will allow users to mine cryptocurrencies whenever the vehicle is charging, whether on a wireless charging base or connected to a power station. So basically, the nebula miner will help their owners to make money while their cars are parked.

Daymak will accept payments in cryptocurrencies for the pre-sale phase, including DOGE

And what’s more, Daymak will accept payments in cryptocurrencies for the pre-sale phase, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and the people’s crypto Dogecoin. While Daymak will undoubtedly make some headlines and so will Dogecoin. Dogecoin has come far for a meme coin, one of the earliest cryptocurrencies. What started off as a joke has created an army of millionaire crypto enthusiasts.

Yes, Dogecoin price has dropped dramatically in recent months, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to dump. In fact, we need to do now is HODL. We’re Dogecoin’s upcoming upgrades Moon mission and now Dogecoin mining vehicle. We have to say “Much Wow”. So hold your coins. Maybe one day you’ll be at the seat of your desk taking a break while you stare outside your window. Lean back. Take a sip of your coffee. Then you receive a notification on your screen. DOGE it’s $10.

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